Brother. Poem by Bryan Sefton


Unknown to my Mother, for no one could see
You were born at the very same moment as me
Snail like I crawled and you did the same
Though you were unknown to my still forming brain
When I stood on two legs you stayed on all fours
I mocked your frail fumbling and moved out of doors
When I learned to run you just fell way behind
Not even a memory, out of sight and of mind
I stretched and I breathed in my freedom and fun
I skipped like a hare in the warmth of the sun
The lifeblood flowed fast, my strength it amazed
Life was a wine in those halcyon days
I searched for fresh conquests, new battles to tame
Nothing could daunt me, all was a game
I moved ever faster, I needed no rest
I ran every path in my youth and my zest
My travels they took me to far foreign shores
And I thought you were still way behind on all fours
But unknown to me you had long found your feet
And a talent for moving both nimble and fleet
As I built a business, amassing great wealth
My body was paying the price with my health
I noticed that changes were now taking place
Harsh lines were replacing the bloom on my face
My hearing was not all that it used to be
A mist was impairing my vision to see
My hair, once my pride, was now turning to grey
And little by little was falling away
As my steps became shorter fatigue took their strength
Yours became longer in line and in length
My meandering trail you now followed with ease
You moved like the wind as I fell to a breeze
Then I suddenly realised just what you'd become
You controlled the planets! You outshine the sun!
Your dictate was which of us live and which die
The content, the pattern of stars in the sky!
Your influence infinite. Your power supreme
By your whim you could end or continue the dream
No one to stay you, no one to say 'nay'
Your vanity rules both the night and the day
Now my steps a mere shuffle. My strength it is nil
To walk a few steps is as climbing a hill
I feel more than see you, though your form fills the skies
For the strength it is gone from the sight in my eyes
And, just as a child, I am back on all fours
The tide it has eaten away at my shores
And now you have found me, we meet once again
I move to embrace you despite the great pain
As you rush to meet me I hear myself cry
'Time? Don't you know me? Oh brother tis I'

Saturday, June 13, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: brother

Bryan Sefton

Farnsworth near Bolton, England, UK
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