Build The Wall Poem by Clinton Siegle

Build The Wall

build the wall for higher wages.. build the wall.. build the wall for higher wages.. Create a peace with full employment
Prisons with two million human faces
VISA H has three million jobs already in place
Officially 8 million unemployment unofficially 23% or more depends if you count 15 million that have given up on looking for employment
Eleven million illegal aliens working someplace
Fifty billion sent to India, another fifty billion to Mexico
A billion equates to 23,000 jobs paying 43k
That is two million jobs being paid overseas
Plus 11 million illegal,
Plus three million VISA H,
Plus the supposedly four million openings
That is twenty million positions someplace
Let the Us of a elect people that care about people here, any bets that if the guy would have had a good paying job that he would be working instead of murdering people? Write congress ask them to enforce immigration laws. ASk them to remove 2 million VISA H jobs so that college kids can get their foot in the door for work. Ask them to stop funding Pakistan 1 billion, Afghanistan 79 billion war and have that money put into the road fund to fix roads which provides jobs.

Think on health care
777 million dollars of free health care to illegals
costs someone
costs you or me
not them
Money to their home country 4.4 billion Mexico paid US government
19 to 24 billion for drugs cartel
50 to 100 billion sent home from illegals here
Shame is great
Build the fing wall

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