But Being A Human Poem by ABDUL QAYYUM MULLA

But Being A Human

Rating: 5.0

Be a Bird,
For flying always
Be a Honey bee
For hardworking always

Be a star
For shining always,
Be a flower
For glowing always

Be a achiever,
FOR achieving always,
But being a human,
For showing humanity always

Saturday, February 1, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: be free
habibullamulla 29 May 2020

Best poem, first become human good

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Dr Antony Theodore 04 June 2020

Be a star For shining always, Be a flower For glowing always. Achieving always as a norm of life.. thank yu dear poet. tony

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sameer 19 June 2020

best inspire poem keep it up

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Zuber 19 June 2020

Ever best this poem in poems to show humanity

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farid 19 June 2020

Good bro 9th standard very young poet

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javeed 20 June 2020

Good nice maths questions and humanity

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Hameem 20 June 2020

Abdul Kayyum best poet and his poems

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kaifu 20 June 2020

Nice student nice poem a great lovely

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Kasif 20 June 2020

Simple words but heart touching meaningful poem

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Kareem 20 June 2020

Nice of humanity poems of best poet

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