Coronavirus Poem by ABDUL QAYYUM MULLA


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you born in Wuhan, come from china
How are you don't know, but you are everywhere

YOU are loving to people a lot of,
Worried people now don't come out of home.

When you came all forgot what is the life
Now all knowing what is the torment of God

Now also time to ask for forgive to God,
Why you sitting quietly in home, make pray

Virus also depend on God,
Without order that also compelled

Why we done upset to God, now we knowing
Now you mentioning to the God

Ask for forgive to god now time is alive.O Abdul Qayyum
The door of repentance is open.

Saturday, April 18, 2020
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elmon eldenson 23 April 2020

A very great poem, and shown to the people that now time is alive for forgive to God..Thank you

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Razak 30 April 2020

Best explanation have showed thanks for sharing

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gearlege philipin 30 April 2020

very good, not words have to tell your poems

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Zuber 30 April 2020

Very interesting poem by you

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Faizal 30 April 2020

Good, ever write on lock-down

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Abdulrazak Aralimatti 29 August 2020

Verily, diseases bring man closer to God.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 20 June 2020

An excellent poem! Thanks for sharing........10/10

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Khimran 20 June 2020

Nice poem ever always enteral with you

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Moula 20 June 2020

Ever best poem in the poems

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Parvez 20 June 2020

Awesome and repentance door best line of poem

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