I will not cry, I willnever cry
Why I cry for my mistake?
I have taken swear to fly
I am not believe who are fake

When my favorite
Distant from was
No longer
Shiningin my path

you born in Wuhan, come from china
How are you don't know, but you are everywhere

YOU are loving to people a lot of,

Be a Bird,
For flying always
Be a Honey bee
For hardworking always

My sir was born in 2nd June 1972, today is my poet, sir's birthday, I am his student, I did'n forget his birthday, when I came know.
Wish you happy birthday, oh dear poet of poem hunter, may god make you great.This wishing happy to you in the form of poem, let me write.

Today is your birthday


I like sound of love
Talking, wound
That is best sound
Calling me a sound

Oh travelers of this world
Your destination is the grave
This journey which you are preparing
Will last for two days.

If you forget me.
Then why I come in your dream
Why you sleep till late for me
Indeed you said you forgot me

You filled my days with rainbow light
Fairy tales and sweet dream light
A kiss to wipe away my tears
Gingerbread to ease my fears

O! my self-loveless heart,
Why do you love for?
Don't you know, ?
The deceive for her's love.


You never say I am leaving,
You never say good bye
You were gone before Iknew it
And only God knew why?


Love is the garden,
To make it beautiful, it has burden
Love is the star,
To make it shine, be galore.

Follow your dreams
Follow your heart
Despite that challenges you face

Summer is surely hot
It feels so warm in the day
But it has pleasant vibe
This simply makes your day


pardon me please
What had I done mistake
If you are good,
please pardon me.

Say it not again
You are my lovely friend
I will not leave you
May be you are love of sand,

I am 9th standard student
Not intelligent, not more talent
But, I want to be like
I will become, today I am silent.

Show me the sky
I will fly high
Show me the life's struggle
I will try to solve, before I die.

I want to be a like butterfly
Wanna fly over the sky.

Wanna spread beautiful colors


Abdul Kayyum Mulla was born in Bijapur city of Karnataka, India, now he is studying in 9th standard in Inshal School, he has practiced about poems still he practicing he was starting to write poems when he was in 5th standard. His sir also a poet.He was seeing his sir, and writing poems, at that time he was not writing good poems, his sir is encouraging him to write poem, he has topper of his school. He spends his more time for serving of parents, from his poems he want to advice to the people, should do hard work show humanity, and have to live with humility God has give him a lot of knowledge. He also becoming a Hafiz in their religion a Holy book is there who have by-heart.That person will be called as a Hafiz.His elder brother helped him to submit poems on Poem Hunter, I thank to my elder for his support and also my father, mother, brother, sisters, and one teacher, and sir. My dad is telling me, to gain a lot of things.What thing do you want about knowledge, you ask I will give.A poet was born, not made)


I Will Never Cry

I will not cry, I willnever cry
Why I cry for my mistake?
I have taken swear to fly
I am not believe who are fake

I will never cry
Even my dreams show me wrong
My accomplishment will come one day
I never give up, I will go long and long.

I will not cry
If I fail,
But I never stop see the sky
Because I have a lot of goals


farooq 30 January 2020

best poem friend your poems are I don't know but you are very great poet of future

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abdul kayyum 01 February 2020

Thanks for comment about me

208 0 Reply
sameer 30 January 2020

very great poet but i don't know about his poem

208 0 Reply
Fahad shaikh 05 February 2020

You are sitting silent And doing brilliant

184 0 Reply
Fahad Shaikh 07 February 2020

You are great poem making You tell English sir burning

183 1 Reply
Abdulrazak Aralimatti 29 August 2020

Let the fever rise and rise And make you wise and wise Let your pen know its worth And words take their birth Let your name, in world zoom Oh! Young Abdul Qayyum.

0 0 Reply
Zakriya 20 June 2020

Best poet of the day and always new poem writing

24 0 Reply
sikrab 20 June 2020

Nice poet nice poems

31 0 Reply
Habib Ulla Mulla 15 May 2020

Keep it up u will become best poet Insha Allah

108 0 Reply
helimius 14 May 2020

ever good better, I am not poet of poem hunter After my completing books I will come there

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If you feel good, than all will be happening good so feel only good

Everyone should show their humanity, And live with others with humility

Silence a lack of words, Silence fear to misunderstand



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