Butterflies Of Life Poem by Stephanie Bird

Butterflies Of Life

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When we are born, we all start out as caterpillars.
We can't fly and we need others to help us do everything.
We all look up to the tremendous butterflies and think
'Someday my turn will come and I will be like them'
As we watch them turn and tumble, fluttering through the air and Performing tricks for us.
But what we don't realise is that the tricks aren't actually tricks,
They're obstacles stopping them to be who they are.
We are oblivious to this at our young stages, but as we start to age And we turn into butterflies ourself,
Life opens up its Venus Fly Trap and catches our wings.
We can't fly so we fall to the ground,
We are back to where we started,
But this time we're alone with no one to help us.
Alone, we learn to live in the undergrowth, below the other Butterflies that still have their wings, throwing sharp insults at us That really dig deep.
Every insult cuts into us, leaving us more and more wounded each Time, and the blade that they're using just keeps deepening.
We don't seem to have the strength, but we push on until we realise That we don't need confidence to live,
We don't need wings to fly,
And that we don't have to be like everyone else to be beautiful.
As this dawns on us, in our old age, we realise that the other Butterflies are weakening, their poor wings deteriorating.
They fall to the ground, begging for our help.
But our wings are just sprouting as we re-learn how to fly.
As our second chance at life was granted.

This is mainly about how when we are small, everything looks so much better from our perspective. As kids (caterpillars) , we see teenagers and adults as people who can do anything (butterflies) . But when we get older and experience things for ourselves, we either stay strong and confident, or lose our confidence (wings) . We then have to stay alive and keep holding on because one day a second chance will come to prove who we really are(:
Jazib Kamalvi 28 December 2018

A good start with a nice poem, Stephanine. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.

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