Min Chan

Butterfly Version 1 - Poem by Min Chan

Small delicate egg stuck on the side of a leaf.
A break then a crack and out comes thee
Worming out in hopes to find sweet leaves
As you look for enemies with hungry mouths to feed.
Coast is clear, now go eat
Skinny as a walking stick
You wiggle down from the tree
Food everywhere as far as you can see
Sweet peas, honeysuckle, sugary freebies
Hey honey bees, stay away from my candy treats
Nibble, nibble, nibble as hungry as you can be
Leaves, flowers, stems it’s all munchies
A belly filled with sweet bliss
As you waddle back up to the tree
Fat and tired like a grizzly bear
You stroll with plump legs back to your turf
Hanging down from the bark of a tree
Upside down is the world you see
Ohhh, a humming bird flutters above my head.
Beating its wings faster and faster that it looks like a blur
A red color coat with an orange tail and a pair of yellow feet
Wishing you could be that pretty
It jumps and leaps to every blossom
Slurping the sweet nectar as it dances around the flower
Yawning and stretching, you just remember you need your ZZZs
Push in those legs and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze
Twisting as tight as you can be
Making a shell stronger than a swarm of bees
Go to sleep for a month or two
Wake up fresh and glad to break free
Four wings, six legs and as pretty as you can be
Go ahead and fly free
With rainbow colors in blue, yellow, and red to find your mate
As you flicker away in cheerful glee

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 25, 2010

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