C'mon, Tell Me Honestly! What Was It Really Like For You? Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

C'mon, Tell Me Honestly! What Was It Really Like For You?

By Stanley Collymore

Go on! Tell me, in your own words, what it was actually
like for you - and I want you to be totally upfront with
me about it. As for myself, I know and gratefully
appreciate how it genuinely felt doing it with
you, and what overall it really did for me.
And to put it unequivocally, it was most
astounding. But then I must honestly confess I had
never beforehand had sexual intercourse with a
bona fide virgin. Scores of women - yes -
who falsely and rather brazenly in their
concerted, deliberate and deceitful
lying to me had sought to attest
that they were distinctly and
even venerably previously
virgo intacta, when even
the most random penetration of their
vagina by me rapidly dispelled in
my mind the barefaced fiction,
which obviously they were
egotistically, untruthfully
and obtusely peddling.

However, to me, you're clearly quite refreshingly
different in retrospection from the rest of my
several seduced women, both in terms
of my astute observation of your
psychological mind-set as
well as your overall
sexual reaction to
our consensual act of coition. So, go on then
and spoil yourself my ex-country bumpkin,
as I know you're dying to impress me,
and truthfully tell yours truly here -
who has thoroughly transformed
you from being the awkward
and chaste but all the same
an exceedingly inclined
to, being a decisively
deflowered virgin that you
demonstrably were, into
the self-confident and
worldly-wise young
woman you have
plainly become - what being
with me, and also fittingly
endorsed by my sexual
expertise have
undoubtedly and
done for

© Stanley V. Collymore
19 August 2019.

Author's Remarks:
I was almost tempted to label this poem: The Misogynist's Prayer - a title which I shall nevertheless copyright and retain for future use. So why didn't I apply the latter title to this poem? Simple logic really! Because on reflection I was massively swayed by the compellingly undeniable fact that it wasn't only outright and clearly irredeemable misogynists who behave in this unforgivable, invariably premeditated and discernibly narcissistic manner.

Since loads of other men, and not uncommonly so several Dyke women too, wilfully and customarily in the most cynical and self-serving fashion deliberately exploit the virginity of vulnerable girls, boys, youths and young women in this inimical way, and frankly generally don't think for a second about what they're doing, refuse most resolutely to acknowledge any wrongdoing on their part and, worse still, simply don't give a damn about the often long-term consequences or the psychological harm that they themselves are either narcissistically or else conceitedly occasioning to their - on the face of it - consensual but nevertheless sexual victims.

Logically it would be wonderful if it were so, but love, either one-sidedly or even mutually, doesn't always factor into every sexual activity - consensual or otherwise - that occurs on this planet of ours. And as long as that's totally recognized and fully accepted by the various participants involved in their explicit capacity as consenting adults, then that's their business no one else's.

The real problem, however, does arise though when those who feel, and are utterly convinced within themselves, that they have an unquestionably inalienable right suitably conjoined with an omnipotent one, whether through their so-called birth status, familial connections perceived as being of the right sort, money in substantial quantities, societal power and the influence attendant with it, see it as their immutable entitlement to both confidently and with unfettered impunity act in this brazenly inimical manner. And in so doing indifferently, and even purposely, lay the groundwork for others of a like mind to slavishly imitate their actions. With, of course, the decent members of society overall being the worst off, as well as the biggest losers from the consequences of such peoples' actions.

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