Cages And Sugars(Hearth) -Cauchy3 Poem by cheung shun sang

Cages And Sugars(Hearth) -Cauchy3

Cages and sugars (hearth) ..
Holly pokers are holly pokey.
Always sugars return to null.
Null to control the bondages stirred.
Stocks are fine and stocks are girls to call.

Sexy inmates innate are sure.
Drink the honeys.
Birds in cages are lacing up powers.
Christmas gifts are up for good.

Meals are raw but go as easy meals.
Who is easy meal?
Hearth to moneys gives hearth with rival.
Hearth to moneys when you are stirred is tokens.

Gods are damn or when you broken up.
Gods are damn when you lost your titles.
Laws of legs will kick you around.
Cages to birds are plain as staff.
Moneys to crowns are plain as staff.

Plain as noses on your faces and you got to serve.
You are birds in cages.
Colors of honeys get to eyes.
Powers get the cafeteria profits.
Cafeteria-n get no fishes with empty pockets.

They got the smells of fishes.
Human fishes are bodies.
Sugar fishes or fishes bones to prick to you..
Birds on edges will sit by rugs.
Cats on tops will sit on faces.

Groups of seven go away.
Groups of seven cannot break your cages.
Girls will ignore scouting.
They use AK-17.
Cabals by laws the cats are tops.
Wallow in loves.
All are not free.
Free you and pure again.
Debited notes have credit men.
Men will govern men.
Girls govern girls.

Lives will need to have errors omitted.
Lives will need to have errors excepted.
Fabler gods will give no escorts.
Wash your faces and give your services.

Birds in cages have heavy duties.
Birds in cages are sugars all.
---Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---


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