Cauchy3-Feelings Poem by cheung shun sang


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Fighting give no rights. Rights are giving by fighting. Jousts are not justices. But justices are jousts.
Laws go to gods when feel with gods. Law is not human feeling. But human rules by feeling.
Laws apply to peoples away from races, creeds and colors.
Scopes with conditional worth and tossed on sides of two of horizons are nukes away from laws..

General laws are general.
All to rights are equities applied.
Sentiments as goody feeling needed to come for justices.
Why human still can rule by feeling.
Legends are not myths only.
Myths are need to legend.
Legacy is not lives.
Lives need legacy.
Legal tender of powers is might.
Legal tenders of moneys are values.
Envoy and kings, legates and powers are will-transistors.
All wars desserts and peace decors are despotic window dressing.
Yule got the sox.
Candies are sugars daddies.
Dandy is math.
Calculate by hidden senses.
Guns will dropp off favors when your armies are weak.
Created by merged and winds that flow will crash together.
Constant flows are tribute to winking eyes.
Function views are efforts of epoch.
Collect your stamps but powers sealed.
Collected moneys but jobs are tellers.

Ranks have no rights. But rights are ranks. Queen use only hero boots.
Dickens and saints are flowers and bees in hells. They are symbiosis.
Programs are not systems. Systems need programs.
Like definitions to sentences. Definite by touching and put up by words on ways.
May be jobs are only channels to definite.

Cauchy3 lose his feeling into reasons.
Who parse the laws?
Who refuses the fuses?
Who comply with gun?
Who butt off when tanks are moving?
Prim punsters demur at laws.
Break my even I twist on twin.
Catty leaders and happy whores, who get the wands and who get the moneys are one.
Second is my feeling.
---Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---

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