Fantasy Poems: 204 / 500

' Can'T Be Measured In Parts... '

Rating: 2.4

Yes, I Love You
With All My Heart
For The Pleasure You Give
Can’t Be Measured In Parts

Not With Just Eyes
Comes A Full View
But With My Mind
Fully Understanding Too

Not With Just Lips
Are Kisses and Speech
But Also Hands and Arms
Thoroughly Talk and Seek

And Undivided Attention …
It’s Yours For The Asking
With No Fraction Lacking

My Entire Being
You Have Utterly Reached
An All-Embracing Touch
Total-Tantalize Each …

Pore And Much More
Absolute, As Objective
I Am MoonBee …
It Must Be Collective

… All Or Nothing
100 Percent
Half, Won’t Do
… Just Like The Rent

… Just Like A Movie
Preview To Full Length
… Just Like A Test
Demands Full Sense

It Must Be All Real
No Portion-Pretense
Must Be Multi-Thrill
Satisfaction – Intense …

As Your Love Fills Me
Love Makes Me Whole
I Feel It Flowing
In Every Inch Of My Soul

Every Fabric Of My Being
In Any Fantasy
You Are In My Dreams
… and My Reality

You Love Me, Complete
In Every, Infinite Way
I’ll Tell You ‘I Love You’
‘Til There’s Nothing To Say

I’ll Show You, I Love You
And I’m Here To Stay
‘Cause I Love You ‘This Much’
… Forever and Always

Oh, I’m All Aglow
Everything’s Alright
In Love’s Maximum Amount
With All My Might …

Yes, I Love You
With ‘All’ My Heart
‘Cause A Love Like Ours
Can’t Be Measured In Parts

Written & ©: 5/8/10

By: The MoonBee