Chris Jibero

Rookie (Ugbawka)

Captive Captivity - Poem by Chris Jibero

Uncanny hunger and thirst
gluttons and drunks
whetting their disgusting appetite
with bowel-twisting victuals and wines
flesh eaters
blood drinkers
fertilisers of wickedness
halters of progress
enemies of prosperity
murderers of charity
nurses of self-inflicted wounds of envy
that ravage as malignant cancer

Theatres of sorcery
chambers of divination
thrones of enchantment
altars of incantation
junctions of spell
intersections of fetish wares
pastries of invocation
sacrifices of wines, kolanuts, eggs
diverse animals, bits and pieces of merchandise
of human trafficking
by a modern generation of Canaanites
creations of Baal
descendants of Baalam
heirs of Jeroboam

Possessors of creeping and flying creatures
night shift workers of iniquity
congregating at man-caging covens
their hidden halls of infamy
merchants of mayhem
inventors of recession
bankers of blood
hawkers of sorrow
unleashing destruction and horror
on the innocent tethered firmly
to fruitless trees and poles
solid stakes for their victims
the just placed on death row by criminals

But captivity invariably lasts for a while
whether the captive walks out free alive
or freed by the cold hands of death
freedom surely comes at last
and the status reverses
the captors become hell-bound captives
pulled down fast by their enormous malevolent deeds
that boil over from their devious cauldron
to quench their devious fiery flame
and they are finally cast headlong
into the everlasting lake of fire
which is stoked with brimstone
where there is unending weeping
and gnashing
of their blood-stained teeth.

(c) Chris Jibero.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 5, 2013

Poem Edited: Thursday, October 10, 2013

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