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Amiss, amiss, amiss!
Something is amiss with my country
Spiritually and physically rich
But apparently presented as poor

There it lies, the unknown African baby
On warm and fertile African soil
Its birth place, as supple
And tender as a larva ejected

(Dedicated To Agaptus Egwuogu)

Not all die
only the petty with the avaricious

A rehearsal of Armageddon
A chilling sight
A rage of nature
Devouring a piece of man

Not he to lose a match
Not he on this turf
Weighted in his favour
Wherein his fanatical fans



An enchanting sunflower you are
That unfurls as the sun rises
Every morning
To rouse you

How long more will a burgeoning affection
Be hidden from the prying eyes of men
How long more will I keep a princess
Holed up in the bottom of my bosom

“Grant me
Oh God
The Spirit
That abhors sin

Suspicion, the strong spirit that deastroys love
Is usually the brew of a lonely heart
Deeper than abyss
Concoction of strange imaginings

Like an evergreen ballad
Wafts your melodious voice
In my receptive ears
Depositing an indelible

Stronger than brandy
So unfathomable and intriguing
Turning a man to some candy
When it inundates his garden

Though I am priceless
my price isn't high
my demand is little
my expectation simple

Reading the wonderful compositions
You effortlessly churn out
Give me some kick
Nothing negative at all

O bu onye ka uwa huru
Mechie onu ya n'ehi miri
Dika ulo ajadu
O bu onye ka uwa huru hapu

Pain is so carelessly doled out
From a monstrous fetish pot
A concoction from hell
By messengers of death

Mama! Mama! Mama!
Called I but “Nna di m”
Your usual response
Was not forthcoming

I know not a dowdy
And never will know any
Because none exists where I live
Where I work

Season of reaping tenaciously follows
Season of sowing as day follows night
And as a shepherd follows
His flock for certainly does one

Is the love you bear
Sensible and wise;
Nosey and inquisitive?
Watch out,

Chris Jibero Biography

Chris Jibero was born at Ugbawka, Enugu State, Nigeria but lives in Abuja.He read English Language and History (Education) .He is a teacher, writer, businessman, publisher, charity worker, motivational speaker and politician.He thinks that poetry and, indeed, all gamut of writing, is a potent healing balm for all wounds.He is also a strong believer in equity and fairness.)

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Amiss, amiss, amiss!
Something is amiss with my country
Spiritually and physically rich
But apparently presented as poor
Billions of our money given wings
Like hawks that disappear
When chicks are forcefully taken
Trillions stashed down the drains
To fertilize parched lands
Where hussies and gigolos live
The cause being greed
Nursed and nurtured by the elite
A few insatiable pigs
That profess religion
But know not God

Mothers compete to outdo fathers
I weep, I weep, I weep uncontrollably
For there is no one to console me
And my heart has a new guest uninvited
A nagging pain
Would I die weeping
With no solace coming?

(C) Chris Jibero.2010.

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