Carnival! Poem by Angela Wybrow


The Notting Hill Carnival is a great celebration,
Which unites many people from across the nation.
The carnival celebrates the diverse Caribbean culture;
Upon Notting Hill, the revellers descend like vultures.

You can hear the sound of traditional steel bands;
See people partying, and clapping their hands.
Along the streets, the procession winds its way,
To the colourful beats of both calypso and reggae.

To the music, you can't help, but tap your feet;
You will soon be moving your body to the beat.
From static sound systems, comes a bellowing bass.
Throughout your whole body, adrenaline will race.

The procession snakes on for miles and miles;
There are vibrant colours, and infectious smiles.
Participants always put on a truly dazzling show,
Which encompasses every colour of the rainbow.

Of carnival costumes, there is a glittering array;
They are one of the major highlights of the day.
Girls sensually shimmy in colourful costumes,
As musicians play catchy, toe-tapping tunes.

On the elaborate costumes, all stitched together,
Are sequins, beads, flowers, and fluffy feathers.
Faces are carefully painted with colourful designs;
This is the big moment for the participants to shine.

The parade also boasts many breathtaking floats;
All hoping to attract the judges' important votes.
Thrilling sights and sounds, ignite all of your senses.
Between the different cultures, there are no fences.

A tasty array of freshly cooked Caribbean food,
Tickles your taste buds, and puts you in the mood.
The sweet smell of jerk chicken wafts through the air;
A real taste of the Caribbean, the people love to share.

People love to let their hair down, and have a good time.
They pray that, on the day, there will be bright sunshine.
There is guaranteed to be the most amazing atmosphere;
People dance, whistles shriek, drums beat, crowds cheer.

To its Caribbean roots, the carnival has remained true.
People of all ages and backgrounds, the carnival woos.
This is Notting Hill in all its glory, and it's a pretty safe bet,
The revellers will continue partying way after the sun sets.

Angela Wybrow

Angela Wybrow

Salisbury, Wilts, UK
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