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I'm lying here, wide awake
Trying hard to get some sleep;
But my brain is totally buzzing,
So it's useless counting sheep!

When I received a letter from my Dad,
Saying he didn't want to meet,

You’ve brightened up my life
With colours bold and bright.
Black and white and grey,
They graced my every day.

This afternoon, I had quite a big shock:
I discovered that I have a missing sock!
I put my socks inside the washing machine,
But now one sock is nowhere to be seen.

I'm stood here on the platform;
I'm holding my mother's hand.
There are things that are going on -
Things that I don't understand.

The sky is the shade of cornflower blue;
The clouds in the sky, are extremely few.
Caught by the sunshine, everything glows.
A fresh, cooling breeze, now gently blows.

I saw a hot air balloon flying over my house:
Most of the time, it was as quiet as a mouse,
But, every so often, its burners suddenly roared,
And higher, up into the sky, it suddenly soared.

Hundreds of people wait in the queue.
All eager to show off what they can do.
At today's talent show,
They hope for a 'yes', but may get a 'no.'

There's a hag by the name of Jenny Greenteeth;
Of human life, she is a well-known thief.
She waits under the water of the Old Mill Pond,
For an unsuspecting victim to happen along.


It really was the most brilliant day:
It was 1945; it was the 8th of May;
It is a date, forever remembered,
As the day when Germany finally surrendered.

I find myself yawning again and again,
But I can't sleep, which is a real pain.
I lie on my left side, then on my right,
But, for me, there is no sleep in sight.

This town is becoming like a ghost town;
Many of our local shops are closing down.
Once upon a time, this town was really hopping,
But now people go elsewhere for their shopping.

Can you imagine a world without water?
It would be a world which is totally altered.
Rivers and streams would no longer flow.
The oceans' tides wouldn't ebb to and fro.

On a gnarled piece on driftwood,
This plump little bird is silently sat.
It looks at me, then back at the river;
It looks all around, this way and that.

We are now well in to the month of July,
But above my head, there's a leaden sky.
For days on end, it has constantly rained,
And I must say that it's a right old pain.

I have always loved the heralding of spring,
When the spell of youth is cast upon everything.
Gardens everywhere awaken from their sleep,
As the sun, from behind the clouds, does peep.

A new life, for myself, I need to weave.
I need some oxygen, so as I can breathe.
From these chains, I need to break free;
I need the chance just to be totally me.

People love to go skating, across the ice;
It may be rather chilly, but it’s just so nice.
People wrapped up in coats, gloves and scarves,
Share each other’s company, and also some laughs.

I love lots of things in life. By many things, I'm cheered.
By the time you've read the following list, you may think I'm a bit weird!

I take a deep breath and begin to blow,
And soon the bubbles begin to flow.
From my wand, the bubbles now stream;
The sunshine makes the bubbles gleam.

Angela Wybrow Biography

I now live in Hampshire, UK. I have been writing poetry on and off for many years and really enjoy it. I love writing about a variety of topics and am hoping that there's something for everyone.)

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A Headful Of Thoughts

I'm lying here, wide awake
Trying hard to get some sleep;
But my brain is totally buzzing,
So it's useless counting sheep!

My mind is manically racing,
Thinking of words and ideas;
I think of the sad poem that I just wrote,
And my eyes suddenly fill up with tears.

I need to get some sleep,
As I'm actually pretty tired;
But my brain is so alive:
Like, it's been electrically wired!

Many times, I've had new thoughts,
And jumped out of my cosy bed,
To quickly grab a pen and paper,
And jot them down before they leave my head.

Is this a common problem,
Which all writers share?
Do they, too, wake up the next day
Feeling a little worse for wear?

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Russell 01 August 2018

We met briefly by the river you gave me this website address and we had a brief conversation but i never got around to telling i have 4 guitars that i have not played for 20 years but i would like to meet you again, if only briefly.

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