The Missing Sock Poem by Angela Wybrow

The Missing Sock

Rating: 4.7

This afternoon, I had quite a big shock:
I discovered that I have a missing sock!
I put my socks inside the washing machine,
But now one sock is nowhere to be seen.

I started my hunt earlier - had a scout around,
But, as yet, the missing sock is still to be found.
It's not hung on the line or the clothes airer.
It needs to be reunited with me: its wearer.

The socks were one of my favourite pairs:
Light blue with a snowy white polar bear.
They also had stars sewn with silvery thread.
I've looked on the floor and inside my bed.

With a missing sock, I've no peace of mind;
That missing sock, I simply need to find.
It has to be somewhere within the house -
Or maybe it has been stolen by a mouse!

That poor little sock is all lonely and lost;
I'll do anything to retrieve it: whatever the cost.
I'm feeling quite upset, as I really do hate
The thought of it coping without its mate.

With the missing sock, I am quite obsessed,
And, until I have found it, I will not rest.
That missing sock, I will keep looking for
Until it's safe and sound back in its drawer.


It's a proven fact that UFOs or the MIB love to steal socks or was it gnomes I read about..? ? ? ? hmmm gotta think and research some more washing machines with agitators like to chew up socks night gowns and undies...funny poem good laugh for the day..

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Linda May Fox 25 February 2013

Really like this poem. It's funny and I can relate. I like the sound of the socks too they sound nice. You write poems on just about everything and very well too. Keep them coming. I enjoy reading them!

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Valerie Dohren 22 February 2013

Love it Angela, very funny, and we've all experienced this - I do hope you find your sock, they sound lovely. Perhaps you could write another poem when it turns up.

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Titi Dale 22 February 2013

Haha :) this is an interesting topic to write about! It is like a wife without her husband... This is a great write! Keep penning... Titi

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Angela Wybrow

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