Catch Me In The Night Poem by Plague Rose

Catch Me In The Night

Catch me in the night
As the ivory fortress
That guards my heart
Tumbles down
And the steel bars
That keep me safe
Are sliced in half
By the silence of the night
I am a prisoner to myself
My doubts and fears rule me
When warriors and princes
Try to set me free
Part of me is happy
But I will risk nothing
For the sake of myself
A stranger's trickery
Will not fool me
So catch me in the silence
Of midnight's calming spell
I will be happy then
And set aside my life's hell
I will talk and I will be
The very person
You'd never expect to see
Catch me and tell me
That you'll never leave
For I am lonely
As much as I hate to say it
And as much as I cherish solitude
I'm not as inhuman as you may think
So catch me
I don't plan on falling anytime soon
But just in case
Be there for me
As I fall from grace
And as I sit here
Locked up in the safety
Of my tower
Longing for a world pain-free
I am watching
Mistrustful yet hopeful
That someone might
Walk this way
And as my peace is disturbed
I fall into a fit of rage
And as hard as I try
To escape from the evil pit
Darkness surrounds me
My demons are at it again
Trying to trap me
Succeeding too
I wanna be happy
But insecurity
Is anger's food
The more you doubt
The more he eats
It's no use to shout
You're trapped inside
His invisible strait-jacket
You can't help but fight
As you're thrown into insanity
The empty room
That lies deep in your mind
Walls all white
You're scared to open your eyes
Completely empty
Nothing but a window
To show you what you've missed
Such a tragic fate
So now I tell you this
Save me from the silence
Of midnight's echoing voice
I'd be lying if I told you
That I lived this way by choice

Friday, March 29, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: solitude
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