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This is a story of the day of the dead
The day they rose from their boxed-up beds
There was fire and smoke
And blood and corpses

Basketball, basketball
Life is just like basketball
Shoot a million times
You won't get ‘em all

My home is in my head
It doesn't matter
Where I am
My friends are in my heart

See a sight
of color and flight
Beauty and elegance
is the mystical butterfly

We are all seashells
On the shore of life
The tide called death
Will pull us away

Seven lonely daffodils
Waiting to die
On this common
Winter morning

While others walk,
I will run.
While others hide
on a rainy day,

I don’t believe in vampires
But I’m scared of them anyway
I have reason to believe that zombies exist
And I fear them just the same

These are the feelings
I felt were brewing in
Watching a wondrous movie
Off from the start

Nothing really bothers me
Because somehow I know
That everything will be okay
In the end

As I walk down this old street
Eyesight fading
Feet trudging on behind me
I find that in my search for sleep

The graveyard will always be haunted
By specters and memories
That forever stand in my way
Priests and exorcists we call the undaunted

Tigerlily, Tigerlily
My little kitty
Of misty gray
Tigerlily, Tigerlily

A flash of a dream
Passed before my eyes
As if myself is not what it seems
I live on as eternity dies

What's this I hear?
An echo,
Of a life before?

Catch me in the night
As the ivory fortress
That guards my heart
Tumbles down

I sit here alone
Looking out at the shore
I throw another stone
What am I waiting for?

I’m bored, I’m bored
So very, very bored
There’s nothing to do
O Lord, O Lord

A Snowy Owl in a Dark Wood
A Shining Light that bounces off the Moon
An Angelic Being disguised
Looking down from the Towering trees

Time is dying
I am aware
You think I'm crazy
You're obliged to stare

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Zombie Apocalypse

This is a story of the day of the dead
The day they rose from their boxed-up beds
There was fire and smoke
And blood and corpses
With people paranoid
Shot down by armed forces
And all alone I the severed head
Am watching
Not making a sound
Just watching
As the people die one by one
The dead ones killing
With smiles on their faces
Live ones soon to be dead
Cower in fear at their terrifying grimaces
The way they moved
Like marionettes gone wild
Puppets on strings with minds of their own
Nevertheless they were as mindless as could be
The people cowered and the dead just killed
They didn't seem to care much
So I guess they just killed
Nothing more nothing less
If they were hungry I suppose they ate
And all those armed force guys could do was wait
To be eaten or killed
Probably both
Some fried or grilled
I guess that's what the fire was for
Anyway that's all I got
Of the story of the day of the dead who are not
And I the lonely severed head
Well I got burned in that fire in that bed
Of the stupid guy
Who failed when he tried
To save the day from the dead ones I guess
But that's another story
For now I must rest

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