Boredom Poem by Plague Rose


I’m bored, I’m bored
So very, very bored
There’s nothing to do
O Lord, O Lord
But maybe, just maybe
If I bring out my inner Seuss
I might just make it
Through this routine day
Now let’s see then
What to do, what to do
A goose! A goose!
First thing I thought of I’m afraid
A mutated goose pulling a UFO
With aliens come to take me away
And after I’m tested
They’ll toss me back down
To a kingdom in the dark
The fiery underground
And then I feel
I’m in a world of puppets and dolls
Lifeless yet real
Singing and crooning nonsensical calls
And wolves with wings
Will fly in my direction
The puppets dance
And the dolls still sing
In a world untainted by perfection
Ghosts and zombies
And vampires and bats
Might chase me down
But who cares about that
Mr. Big Bunny
My friend who’s smile
Is really funny
Protects me with his
Enchanted Easter tie
And scares my enemies
With his unblinking plastic eyes
All the while
I am looking for a cat
With Oz-green eyes
And a mouth that’s too arrogant to chat
The owls will help me
Find my way
Count them, count them
And hear what they say
They guide me through
This complex, confusing house
Where I have never thought
To look for a mouse
Feathers falling on my face
The birds that shed them never stay
They fly off silent, bold and swift
For demons are coming
Bright red eyes on golden skin
The aliens
They’ll be coming too
We’ll all have a party
In a three story silver shoe
Boredom has left me
And my Alice has escaped
But unlike her
I don’t wanna go home
I just wanna stay
The Thunderbird
Is stuck in my head
He took my sister
And he wants me next
The lady in black killed me
As I was talking to myself
The graveyard is still haunted
And my mind’s still confusing as hell
But all is fine
And it’s all good
I’m not blind
And if I wanted to see reality
I would
The ship still sails
Over useless chains
But all is right
And all is well
And I’ll always be the same


NIce poem PLague, at least you've used your boredom to be creative, nicely done.

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