Catholic Contradictions Poem by Oluseyi Akinbami

Catholic Contradictions

This Poem will speak to Peter,
Of the priest and the folly,
This poem doubts not the sincerity of true worshipers,
It will speak to the cult, the club, their Peter, the images of idolatry
This poem will address the indoctrination, the assumptions and contradictions,
This poem will expose and explode,
This poem will speak of the council of Valencia and the “forbidden book”
This poem will speak of the mass “hoc est enim corpus meum'
And the continuous re-enactment of the Death of Jesus
This poem will smite the conscience, rend the hearts, and heal the willing
This poem will speak of purgatory
Of priesthood
Of indulgences
Of penance
Of confessions and the “confessors”
Of papal decrees
And of the mortal and venial sins,
This Poem, this poem will speak of the “Virgin Mary” and the harlot,
This poem will confirm the marriage of Christ’s Peter
Of the Roman Universal contradictions and papal infallibility
This poem will speak of the assurance of salvation
And the curse of the Council of Trent
This poem will speak of the “Arian heresy”
Of “Cyprian and the lapsed”
Of the works of “Athanasius Contra Mundum”
Of Athanasius to the Bishop of Egypt
This poem will speak of the incarnation of the divine word
Orations against the Arians and against Apollinaris
This poem will speak of John Chrysostom, (golden mouth)
This poem will speak of his ethical applications and the trouble with the emperor’s wife
This poem will speak of Augustine and his forgotten works,
“In the spirit and the letter”, “Confession”, the “city of God “
The battle against the “Donatist” “Manichean” The “Arians” the “Pelagians”
This poem will speak of the Theology of “Anselm”
Of “Thomas Aquinas” and the Sum of Theology
This poem will talk of the “council of Nicea”
This poem will speak of Constantine and his cross of battle
The grandeur of “St Peter’s Basilica” the glory of man void of God’s presence
This poem will speak of the “Patriarchal City” and the protagonist
This poem will be persecuted, burnt, torn and ridiculed
This poem will never be read by Catholics,
It will not be verified to see the deception of Rome and the Pope,
This poem can read your mind, how you think Pope can never do wrong
This poem sees your bent determination to resist Truth
This poem will talk of Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli and John Calvin
This poem will be rejected by America, Britain, France, Russian, and Africa
This poem must be hated, by worshiper of Dead Mary and his statue
This poem will be scorned and attacked
This poem will bring shame to the writer; he will be sick or insane in the mind of the readers
This poem will not be read in Jerusalem, Rome, Alexandria, and Antioch,
This poem will speak of the “Bishop of Rome” and his Authority over the world
This Poem will speak of “Pope Innocent the 1st “and his rule
The power play
This poem will consider the rule of Pope Zosimus and the questioning
This poem will remind you of Pope Gregory the great and his Political
Cultural religious influence
This Poem will speak of religion, feigning spirituality after the fall of Rome
Imposing authority by massive error and disregard to The Truth
This poem will speak of influence of Gregory on the West after the defeat of Rome
And this imposition leading million astray through Idolatry and subjugation
This poem will speak of the edict in support of papal Authority by Emperor Valentin the 3rd
And Pope Leo and his sermons
This poem will speak of how the Church stepped into a political vacuum of defeated Rome
This Poem will tell of the Crowning of Charlemagne of France by Pope Leo the 2nd
(A pope putting a crown on a Political King) ,
This poem will speak of idolatry
A marriage with the world, a deception of dark kingdom
A ridicule of the cross, the blindness of millions
This poem will speak of corrupt men of the papal order
Of Pope John the 12th
Of Pope Boniface the 7th
Of Pope Gregory the 7th folly of Vicariate
As the “Vicar of Christ” and not the “Vicar of Peter”
This Poem will never be researched,
This poem will never be preached in Rome
This poem will speak of the “incomplete Reformation” of Luther
The Breaking of the theological grip of Roman Catholic on the Church
This poem will speak of “Sola Christos, Sola scriptura, Sola gracious, Sola fide'
The deceptive modern acceptance of the soles in the 15th paragraph to sustain
Error in modern times,
This poem was never written, will never be re-written
This Poem will speak of the Catholic belief of Salvation without the “Soles”
Of salvation “and” the Traditions and the Pope’s decree
Salvation by Christ “and” Mary and the saints
Salvation by grace “and” by the works of men
Grace received by Faith “and” by works and sacrament,
This poem speak against these errors and the long departure from Christ,
This poem will be too loud in the mind of curious Catholics,
This poem will point men to Jesus but will be rejected by many,
This poem will be the witness of the readers,
This poem will speak of the priesthood of all men,
Of the deception of confession,
Of the bondage of sin,
Of the re-enactment of crucifixion by the observance of mass,
The Poem is calling men to the True Savior, The Man Jesus.
This poem will be another martyr
This poem will expose the insincerity in man to find True God
This poem will tell of the murderers of the Apostles and their Peter
The Deaths of martyrs in Rome
The Poem is still not written
This poem is on your mind
Will be seen on your shelve
On your mind,
In your conscience
This Poem will either stop you from worshiping Idols
Or keep you there still.

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