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A Pan African, a non conformist, an iconoclast

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The White Man’s Grave

This school is not our school
We have our own.
This culture is not our own,
I know it well.


Alone in the world of writs

I stand alone

Dear Pastor,

Dear pastor….
I come in consideration,
That this should be my last resort.
Having sought help from callers not a few.

Church Sin...

Let us go
To where?
The church.
The church?

Painless Pills

Before you this day
I lay bare
Naked as I come
With no will of mine

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01 October 2015

Poems are sometimes easily understood, but at other times they are seriously coded for the confusion of the lax and Lazy seekers who usually are unwilling to think

03 October 2015

The eyes of poets are not in the visible sockets appearing to all, they carry another type of eyes which sees the obscure, it travels distance like many minds but true poets will not allow an escape of the thoughts without writing it

19 December 2015

Those whose souls are tied to friends should never seek to marry, external friendship and marriage or building a home are mutually exclusive. one will give way to the other. 'Two they say shall be one' don't make it three or more

06 January 2019

Before Marriage, I read all the quotes on women; very few y are palatable, but i took the risk and i have hundreds more

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Mary Eastland 22 March 2019

Please send me your current address. I want to send you my latest poetry publication which contains three of your pieces as well as a tribute to your talent. Send to 12114 Edington Place, Gulfport, MS,39503.This is a gift to you because I appreciate your talent and love reading your poetry. No strings attached! .

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Olatunji Tella 17 December 2011

Egbon Akinbami. whao... what a man. we are all proud of you. keep it up, you will never die because of your work.

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Kelly Allen Vinal 09 December 2004

Macaulay, I find your poetry most refreshing, witty, and inspirational. Keep writing! KAV

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