Changing Hearts And Minds

It’s God who puts in man’s heart, Eternal Truth, that won’t depart,
His Truth, that remains the same, causing man’s mind to change,
Through His Spirit, God inspires, hearts to change to His desires,
Thus, changing the course of a life, to live anew for Jesus Christ.

Following a darkened spiritual lull, only God can speak to a soul,
To lead that soul from the night, and back into the Savior’s Light,
Taking him from a time of sin, to again, instill God’s Hope within,
As he follows The Spirit’s lead, not just to listen but now to heed.

Believers, by Christ, are set apart, with His Spirit, within our heart,
His Seal on them, of His Grace, Who goes with them every place,
With them even when they stray, far from their Lord’s chosen way,
And even when they stray from Him, to find them self deep in sin.

God continues to work from inside, even when they do not abide,
Speaking through the quiet voice, as an influence in every choice,
Yet, each choice is ours to make, and this world we must forsake,
To live our lives for His praise, as we choose to change our ways.

So we yield to The Spirit’s plea, Who, opens up our minds to see,
We truly need a change of heart, so God can give us a fresh start,
As this world soon shall perish, and it’s The Lord we must cherish,
Turning our hearts back to Calvary, with our mind fixed on Eternity.

(Copyright ©02/2009)