Chocolate Poems: 142 / 500

Chocolate For Love

Rating: 2.8

From the cocoa of Ghana
With the sugar from Cuba
Comes the sweet paste for the world
To build love for all
For our children
To share the sweetness from heaven
For the depressed
To loosen up on their stress
The best gifts for valentine
Till Christmas time
For the rich and poor alike
To brighten up their life
Also mixed with tarts
For a good-day start
Chocolate, chocolate, sweet chocolate
Dont ever forget them for any date
Always present them
When playing the love game

Riquetta Elliott 10 December 2007

Mmmmmmmm! I like chocolate because well I'm with this delicious dark chocolate his name is John but call by his nickname Andre.

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Aisha Sherazi 01 June 2006

Hey John, I really liked this one. It has made me hungry for chocolate. There's little like it to life your spirits, just like your poetry! Peace and Best wishes, Aisha

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Naveen Choudhary 29 June 2005

Nice sweet write, i hope there's chocolates in every bodies life, sweetness adds a lot life, but if you are suffering from diabetes then you would look for sweetness of love, from princess of sde 's seductive fructus body

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