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long walk at night
the breeze freezes my spirit
the moon warms it up
pulling at my poetic soul

i wish to be the air you breathe
love that floods your every cell
revitalising you, cheering you up
every second of your life

nature is what we dont see
for instance the essence that pushes words out
for this poem fated for posterity
the birds that without fail

young women, old women
in their heart
despite the years
the yearning to be beautiful

his childhood
warms him up

maggie was the girl
interested in tom
but it was milly
who eventually got married to

so many worlds

born to walk
to climb
to say i can
cannot even

haiku one:

in criss-crossing shadows
of the mountains, we admire

war memorial
reccuring, late dad's words
that war is a shame

bird fun, they are all up there
drizzle, the row of little robins on the wire
a lost bee flying by, takes a round and flies off,



Wave after wave
crushes over my legs
i remember mom's every word
to help me stand

hold on to your dream
it sweetens all your nights
brightens up your days
because dream is a compass

an endless fountain
an immortal drink pouring
from heaven's brink

the years did to him
like they had to wines
a calmness, mellowness

lone traveller
from kuala lumpur to tokyo to china
cold places, strange people warm and cold
so many unknowns that became knowns

A grandiose theatre stage our universe
The sky its backdrop,
The twinkling stars, its white angels
The Moon its alluring princess

the earth has enough years
to give every of its citizens
10,000 years or more
to live alone on the planet

there is a larger life
than life, my life
and i am glad to be a part
i am a torso that speaks out

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my enlightenment haiku -- ganges/ my first bath/ her last/ saw four sons washing their mom in a winter ganga years ago. spring rain under my feet melting snow This haiku poet is one of few to have won top prizes in traditional haiku, senryu, futuristic and free form haiku. Thank you for visiting this page. John is known more as a haiku poet though he is as passionate in writing other forms of poetry and equally good at them. His poems have been used by universities, colleges and schools in various parts of the world. Some have also been used for the internationally recognised GCE and the American International Baccalaureate Diploma examinations. John has been published by the Oxford University Press, Oxford University Campus Poetry Magazines, Marshall Cavendish Education Singapore, Yomiuri Shinbun, Mainichi Shinbun, Asahi Shinbun, World Haiku Review, the Times of India and many other online magazines and journals. The universities that have used John's poems for various arts and english programs/modules/courses include the University of Chicago, University of Southern California, University of Virginia, University at Buffalo, University of Texas, San Diego State University, Padang State University Indonesia, the Makerere University which is the the oldest university in Uganda, Batangas State University in the Philippines etc. John's poems have also been used in Christian newsletter/journal/sermon in the United States and Canada. You can take work here to use as course material, examination purposes, include in your city's newspapers, campus magazines, poetry magazines, personal blogs or read them on radio, television, poetry workshop and poetry slam but please credit any work used. I have written many many poems including the real bad ones but without having written the bad ones, i wouldn't have arrived at the good ones. HAPPY READING EVERYBODY! ! ! signature poems - young women, old women in their heart despite the years the yearning to be beautiful young women, old women they look at each other one with envy the other with fear and contempt of the wrinkles, old age young women, old women they look into each other one for a mother the other for a daughter Dreams hold on to your dream it sweetens all your nights brightens up your days because dream is a compass that shows only one aspired direction - success, success and more success Ulek Mayang TO UNDERSTAND BETTER THE POEM PLEASE WATCH AND READ THE FOLLOWING: https: // v=lzRuFOwaUx0, https: // seven leaves swept asunder in a tumultuous and roaring wave a sea of longing is played, replayed this emptiness of night the moon and sea are a pair of star crossed lovers in a futile grasp of reality they hold onto the flickers of thoughts in each other's bosom; an unrequited love swept in a luminuous tide of make-believe - - the moon reposes in a sea of hope, the sea lets its fate be guided by the light - - it holds onto the tail of the moon in a dance of grief that has for so long crossed their way the leaves grovel in a churning wheel of fate under the gentle glow of lace spun by the moon they are taken out to sea again and again in a ferocious tide that whispers, whistles, sighs and roars to broadcast a destiny torn and swept in separate ways - - never to be seen again john tiong chunghoo Reading Pleasure words take up the space in the quiet of his mind images sprout like whispers a heart is stirred like the rustle of bamboo leaves in a garden of solitude the writer is a world away as we walk the lanes of reality and dream admiring the flowers and fruits of knowledge taking the curves of alphabets GARDEN OF EDEN - what is this body but the Garden of Eden and the senses, God's apples enjoy all, except the tree of knowledge and death dont be the master of things beyond you dont eat that apple this body is not yours Listen listen let's the spirit run without doubting its sustenance eternal life there is the tree of life there is....the Almighty STOPPING BY THE WOODS ON A SNOWY EVENING a squirrel runs across frosty evening on a plain of white carrying a cosy warmth i would love to have light greyish coat impeecably patched and stitched for the season time runs across space mindless as a clock which has forgotten to crawl everywhere the trees gently whisper sweet nothings and cavort away the evening baring skeletons and bones to the heavens to swear their love snow falls like mannas onto a million stretched hands that grovel to receive every trace of divine providence breathless, breathless the white glides and bounces in an evening that holds onto everything like forgotten time snow falls like mannas onto a million stretched hands that grovel to receive every trace of divine providence breathless, breathless the white glides and bounces in an evening that holds onto everything like forgotten time john tiong chunghoo)

The Best Poem Of john tiong chunghoo

01and The Moon And The Stars And The World

long walk at night
the breeze freezes my spirit
the moon warms it up
pulling at my poetic soul
the crickets sing their poems to the night
a million other insects contribute their share
to loosen up the night
for lovers, husbands and wives
while a tide of words too
creeps in all directions in my mental sphere
saturates the poetic bar of the intellect
waiting to be strummed into verses
the rhythm swims along with them
as i write out verse by verse
the moon my friend shares its light
the night wind inspires
lovelorn stars wave all the way
a million light years away
heralding the birth of a song
sparkling, twinkling
guided by intricate orchestration of the night
before gracing the written page
long walk in the night
even the insects with the lamps
start to lend me their lights
between the twinke of the stars
they dance, sing, beat out a dance

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Olga Neagu 19 August 2009

beautiful poem, John...I becam member here only for reading your verses...good, now I look for the haiku

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Wonderfully enlightening poetry portraying many different aspects of life, A real joy to read and be inspired by.Thank you.

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Sílvia Oliveira 26 April 2008

john, i´ll read more of your works, I really deserve it! you´re excellent! that part of blood means that I´m a woman at first place, but it may also mean a metaphor in terms of that biblical passage when Jesus had ben sweating blood under the Oliver Tree Mount... It´s can represent the pain felt by the humanity. Thanks for commenting! Warmly, Sílvia

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Sílvia Oliveira 18 January 2008

john, I simply loved this poem of yours! congratulations on all of them, but when it comes to be a poem that includes the full´s the most inspiring thing to me, ever!

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Stewart Mckenzie 03 May 2005

Not rubbish - modern physics, see for example 'The Elegant Universe' by Brian Greene. The time of a traveler moving at the speed of light relative to you is stopped according to your watch, just as your time is to the traveler. This is Einstein's special theory of relativity. Photons are sub-atomic “entities” that convey light. They have the extraordinary property of always traveling at the same speed no matter where they are coming from, from where they are observed, or how fast, or in what direction the observer is traveling. Since light travels at the speed of light relative to anything, everything, there is no time in the realm of light (also it is by no means clear that light is bound by the laws of space, see the new work on entangled photons that appear to communicate instantaneously no matter how far apart) . Strange but true. The eight odd seconds that light takes to reach you from the sun is your time, not light's. As a poet I recommend that you read the new cosmology, it is very strange but very beautiful.

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Soran M. H 21 December 2019

very nice poems, well done, thanks, all the best that is what we are expecting from a good poet such as you dear friend

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Amy Dickens 13 April 2015

find your poems deep and intense it identify with the eternity i feel inside me...

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excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem

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Khoirun Niam 21 February 2010

a nice poem john, love to see you, hope sometimes we could talk about that poem, bravo

8 5 Reply
p.a. noushad 16 January 2010

nice poems, they inspire me much

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the power of words - they can take you anywhere you can imagine.

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