Choices Poem by Nikki Giovanni


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If i can't do
what i want to do
then my job is to not
do what i don't want
to do
It's not the same thing
but it's the best i can

If i can't have
what i want... then
my job is to want
what i've got
and be satisfied
that at least there
is something more to want

Since i can't go
where i need
to go... then i must... go
where the signs point
though always understanding
parallel movement
isn't lateral

When i can't express
what i really feel
i practice feeling
what i can express
and none of it is equal
I know
but that's why mankind
alone among the animals
learns to cry

UR Mom 05 November 2018

Capitalize UR i's. its not that hard and I wouldn; t expect this on a poem website.

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hypocrisy 23 March 2019

It was a stylistic choice Nikki Giovanni made. e. e. cummings didn't even capitalize his name, nor did he capitalize his I's. He didn't really capitalize the words at the beginnings of sentences, either. And just so you know, it's " your" not " you are, " and maybe you should capitalize your own I's before calling out other people. And you make contractions using an apostrophe and not a semicolon and a space.

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Pastel 13 December 2021

You're the one saying 'wouldn; t' and 'UR' speaking of grammar lol 😂

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Ke 16 January 2022

Nikki Giovanni purposely made the I´s lowercase

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Jake from State Farm 02 June 2020

Remember folks! I'm always here for y'all.

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David Wood 18 December 2022


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Jack Hayward 01 June 2022

I think that you should capitalize your I's, this is sad and makes Kermit mad.

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aesthetic baddie baka 01 June 2022


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chupapi man 11 May 2022

chupapi munano mis bolas

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TAKIS ARE BUSSIN 25 February 2022

I think takis are bussin and camillo is sexy

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