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Bluebells carpet the woodland floor
Packed so tightly that insects tip-toe
Softly and quietly between them.
Their beauty unlocks a woodland door

There is never a sight more beautiful
Or so amazing than that of a tree,
In summer with branches and leaves so full
With gently swaying boughs for all to see.


Married villages emptied to the call.
Young single men from well-worn towns
Changed from suits and flat caps to khaki.
They changed their hob nailed working boots

The week after the funeral the house was cleared
Memories taken to the auctioneers to be sold off,
The polished sideboard and dining room table,
The picture frames now empty of smiling faces.

I am your faithful friend, I cannot lie
My silver charm waits upon your desire
As I stand and wait patiently for you.

‘Tis time to mend this wounded heart
Since it slowed to a miniscule beat
To see with my eyes the face of the world
And say ‘hello’ to all I greet.

No matter how hard we tried
We couldn't stop their use
Despite all that had died
By such an evil abuse.

Cherry blossom fell like confetti
In the wind, but there was no bride
Or groom only a pair of robins
On the grass beneath the cherry tree.

What was she thinking, sitting there?
Her blue and gold head scarf hanging
Down her back, that pearl earring, those
Bright red lips drawn slightly apart.

At eight o'clock as the sun
Dipped below the rooftops
I sat in the garden with a
Coffee laced with Scotch.

The fallen lay
In the silence
Of eternity,
Never again to

The wind has no compass
It knows not where it goes
But blows clouds of all colours
And autumn leaves along the ground.

Time is a healer
Of every poor wounded heart,
It revives true love.

Who can ever doubt that Vincent van Gogh
Was a famous artist, but according to legend
He sold only a few paintings in his lifetime,
Many were given for food to keep him alive.

The snowman stood four feet tall
With buttons for eyes and a large
Red carrot for a nose, which drooped.
He stood alone in a front garden


Sitting on the bed they once shared
The old man opened an old shoe box
He kept on the wardrobe floor.
Inside were the memories of a

In our universe
It's man that's blessed with wisdom
But fails to use it.

Keep the spark alive
You ponder day after day
Because she's worth it

Super tornados increasing
Deadly pandemics surging
And rainforests depleting
Ice caps rapidly melting

I walk around this tree lined place
And look at autumn's falling colours
On mild weathered tree lined paths
In a warm spring like November

David Wood Biography

Before I start, please don't ask me for my email address. I only contact fellow poets to comment on their poems, and only on Poemhunter. Thank you. It's about time I added a biography, a bit late I know. A biography is defined as the course of a persons life. I prefer a patchwork weaved over time. My patchwork has many colours. Work is one, a former management accountant, a black and white one, activities another, time is another, relationships and space another. My activities are the colour blue, I have flown light aircraft and gliders in a pale blue sky. I have dived the deep blue oceans, and snorkelled with pilot whales off Lanzarote, another blue. I was the training officer for Hounslow BSAC and taught many people to dive. It had its ups and downs. If I were a cat I would have lost 4 of my 9 lives diving. One to a shark in the Bahamas and 3 equipment failures. One at 38 metres, one at 22 metres and one at 10 metres. Climbing another life lost falling, luckily landing on a ledge, that's grey, the colour of rock. Brown another falling down the stairs at home and one off a ladder. That's at least 7! I've been widowed, my lovely wife Tina died in 2012, that colour is black. Green is my love of the countryside and identifying trees and wild plants, and red my passion for music and my clarinet. Clara my yellow Labrador has to be the colour yellow. Now sadly passed away (6/5/2006-10/2/2021) . So, that's my biography, my patchwork of life!)

The Best Poem Of David Wood


Bluebells carpet the woodland floor
Packed so tightly that insects tip-toe
Softly and quietly between them.
Their beauty unlocks a woodland door

With such colour of delicate blue,
And a fragrance that is heaven sent.
They droop their heads in the spring rain,
With their beauty making all things new.

Their magic weaves a pleasant spell
A sea of blue that meanders in the breeze
And floats delicately over the forest floor,
Their fragrance creates a delicate smell.

Nature now has all its beauty brought
To the fore before summer casts its spell
Delicate bluebells making spring so fine
Their time on earth far too short.

David Wood Comments

Joan Smith 22 July 2013

David really is a talented writer. His poems and sonnets touch the heart. He is obviously a very caring and knowledgeable person. I admire his work. js

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Shahzia Batool 03 July 2013

The visit to the poetry page of David Wood is wonderful for many strong reasons of good reading, especially the SONNET form in the modern shape. Those students who consult this site for the purpose of studying poetry, as poemhunter is serving the needs of Cambridge students as well as the research scholars who are working on Explication de Texte, they can consult this page as the living example of modern sonnet written in traditional rhyme-scheme, mostly The English sonnet i.e Shakespearean. The Rhyme-scheme and the rhyming analysis is available here...David's sonnets are lucid in diction, natural in flow and easy to follow...the following information is added from the web source, as this is the right place for it: SONNET - - - - - - - - - - (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - A sonnet is a poetic form which originated in Italy; the Sicilian poet Giacomo da Lentini is credited with its invention.[1] The term sonnet derives from the Italian word sonetto, meaning little song, and by the thirteenth century it signified a poem of fourteen lines that follows a strict rhyme scheme and specific structure. Conventions associated with the sonnet have evolved over its history. Writers of sonnets are sometimes called sonneteers, although the term can be used derisively. One of the best-known sonnet writers is William Shakespeare, who wrote 154 of them (not including those that appear in his plays) . A Shakespearean, or English, sonnet consists of fourteen lines written in iambic pentameter, in which a pattern of an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable is repeated five times. The rhyme scheme in a Shakespearean sonnet is a-b-a-b, c-d-c-d, e-f-e-f, g-g; the last two lines are a rhyming couplet. Nice poetry David Wood! ! !

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Loke Kok Yee 27 May 2017

David writes poetry in a way which gives me great joy, I am never disappointed when I visit his site. Superbly rhymed, easy to follow and understand yet so sublime and profound.

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Geetha Jayakumar 31 December 2013

Poet David Wood and his beautiful Sonnets walk together hand in hand in the garden of wonderful nature and beautiful seasons. One of the talented and respected poet. It's really a valuable gift you are blessed with. He has a wonderful collections of Sonnets and poems. Beautiful way he compares life to nature. Many poems on nature, love, pain, beauty, society, seasons, and many more are his collections. May you keep on contributing valuable poems and Sonnets to this poetic world. Thank you for supporting me in this journey of poems. Wishing you all the Best. God Bless! Thank you Sir!

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nice poems. you are great in showing feels.that shows a good improvement. i invite you to read my poems at my poets page. that is a friendly invitation

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Sando Hussam 11 May 2023

Your biography is very impressive. You have tons of experience. I admire your poems.

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David Wood is a very talented poet. And his varied and rich experience makes them exquisite and enjoyable. He is capable of viewing life and its vagaries from a different angle altogether, which makes his poem stand out.

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Smith is Swain is Smith

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Bharati Nayak 28 December 2020

Very interesting Bio--a mosaic of different colours, I will discover your poetry.Thank you for your kind comment on my poem.

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Joan Smith 14 December 2020

Very well written. Amazing way with words. Well done David

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David Wood Quotes

Politicians declare war and leave it to the flower of youth to fight and die

War is a result of an inability to communicate.

There is nothing left after a nuclear war, not even hope.

Hiroshima is an episode of history that must never be allowed to be repeated.

When General's wage war Humanity suffers

True love is giving everything you have.

Love is an unbroken chain that binds us 'till we meet again

Man using nuclear weapons will be the next mass extinction event.

Television constipates the mind.

International law exists for the protection of humanity against the folly of politicians.

There is no justification in warfare to use nuclear weapons to kill innocent people, and no statesman will ever be able to hide from the shame.

After all this time Man still does not know the worth of wisdom.

Hiroshima still casts a giant shadow over the future of humanity

Death is a door we all travel through.

Hiroshima epitomises the suffering of humanity. Humanity cannot endure another Hiroshima.

Nuclear Weapons threaten the continued existence of humanity.

Mans ability to create technology supercedes his ability to control it.

He who is wise is profitable to himself

Wisdom is worth more than any possession

The search for wisdom can take a lifetime

The path to wisdom is long and winding

Wisdom comes after much trial and error

A world lacking in compassion will always be at odds with itself.

Hatred is a cancer that destroys the soul

Forgiveness restores two souls.

The most savage creature on the planet is not the tiger, lion or shark it is man.

Life is a school full of many lessons If we don't learn from the past How can we survive the future?

Man cannot survive as a species when hatred is preached and violence becomes normalised and when violence is used to resolve acts of violence. Man will only survive through dialogue, trust and goodwill.

Unless there is respect for the colour of a man's skin and understanding of other religions and cultures there will never be peace between peoples only a festering cancerous hatred that serves no purpose.

It is not having nuclear weapons that bring about peace, that's delusional, only dialogue and trust and a desire for peace.

Politicians love you when they want your vote, ignore you when in office and blame you when they lose power.

The most courageous acts are those that fight tyranny in the name of freedom. The most courageous of all are those who die for the freedom of others.

No country's flag is large enough to hide the shame of tyranny. It dishonours statesmen and brings humiliation to their nation.

Unless we learn the lessons of the past, the past will keep on repeating itself and unless we are prepared to forgive bitterness will only blight the future.

Unless you find the capacity to forgive hatred and bitterness will consume you.

A rampaging mind knows no wisdom

If we mess this world up using nuclear weapons we can't get another one

The fruit of all wisdom comes from the tree of life.

People who are prejudiced against others should think of all the people involved in bringing food to their table.

The quality of a man is not measured by his wealth or status but by his wisdom and compassion

Advances in communications technology has led to a decline in conversation

The refugees of this world will forever be on our conscience and we will all need to be forgiven those things of which our conscience is afraid.

When anger rushes in through the door, wisdom flies out of the window

Death is a door we all travel through. Unfortunately, its only one way.

Whoever writes history owns it.

Man has the intelligence to reach for the stars as well as the ability to destroy planet Earth, and all life, with nuclear weapons. Only time will tell which will prevail.

I don't know which will destroy Earth first, multi-national companies or nuclear weapons.

In our universe it's man who is blessed with wisdom but fails to use it.

Love is about one man loving one woman, and one woman loving one man, both of which is unconditional.

Happiness and love is an unconditional choice between only two people

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David Wood Popularity

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