Knoxville Tennessee Poem by Nikki Giovanni

Knoxville Tennessee

Rating: 3.3

I always like summer
you can eat fresh corn
From daddy's garden
And okra
And greens
And cabbage
And lots of
And buttermilk
And homemade ice-cream
At the church picnic
And listen to
Gospel music
At the church
And go to the mountains with
Your grandmother
And go barefooted
And be warm
All the time
Not only when you go to bed
And sleep

Grace Moneymaker 28 December 2014

Listen, sweetie, I live in Knoxville myself and it's not that perfect. I'd rather be in California with my father, who was born there. But, he made a huge mistake and moved to Tennessee. Now he's stuck here and I'm trying to get my family out of this place full of dumb drunks, idiots who think the black smoke coming out of the back of their truck is cool and attractive, and stupid people with that crappy Southern accent. I am a poet, author and an artist and I am desperately trying to get a writing career and hopefully an acting career. And who doesn't love beaches and Leonardo DiCaprio? Obviously you don't. What a waste of talent. Anybody who's anybody loves Cali.

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Jimmy Mcmillan 07 October 2015

just because you don't like it dose not mean your right, you are probably just a snotty little teenage girl who knows nothing about where she lives

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Chedder Cheese 07 October 2015

You are a pineapple you little zebra.

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Meredith . 12 September 2015

If you're such an artist, why are you so narrow minded? Learn to respect diversity.

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Kara Mackenzie 19 April 2016

Consider that the author of this poem wasn't as miserable as you are. I'm sorry that you are in a hard place, but anywhere has its up sides. Even Tennessee!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 23 December 2023

This IS Knoxville, Tennessee, Nikki's father has planted on his fertile ground and see what a very good result, Nikki mentions these for us, the readers, I know these are the best results of her Daddy's hard working in his garden, Nikki is proud and has mentioned all the excellent products

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a bartley 06 October 2022

I read this poem aloud, & it piqued all of my senses. Though I mostly loved that I could taste it.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 12 May 2022

Lovely poem, amazingly told by the right poet! 5 Stars full score and myriad more. We poets always live in our poetry and NIKKI is like me SYLVIE, who sees always the beauty and the best in all things in any place at any time

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osama bin laden 13 April 2022

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Nikki Giovanni

Nikki Giovanni

Knoxville, Tennessee
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