Choosing The Ends. Poem by Saleem Tharani

Choosing The Ends.

When you take birth,
People around you cheer,
When you are a child, yet to grow,
You carry all happies,
No sorrows and no fear,
smile is the only language you know,
Every one around is friend none is foe.

When you grow up,
You get glance of purity and impurity both together,
The decision you are to make is as delicate as a feather.

From goodness you part,
You may be happy and content,
But your soul cant.
For your good, evil you choose,
Humility and morality you loose,
You may find no difficulty,
And step over one or many,
To reach heights and get honey.

Standing on the hill,
While the winter's wind cooling you,
Pay attention and listen to your conscience,
Its then, in winter you feel,
Summer striking heat, but not winter's dew.

Burying your head in the sand,
Doesn't deny the fact,
Happiness earned through bad,
In fact is a curse in disguise.
May good or bad, be your act,
Its for sure, the same will come back.

What's after death matter's not,
Before dying, live a life worth living,
Clean the rust your soul has caught,
No sins in your account,
Let your name be written in a royal font.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: philosophical
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