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Christmas Cheer

With the Christmas Season here, missing is true Christmas Cheer.
What seems today to be ignored, is the person of Christ our Lord.
The babe God sent to this world, is the message we should herald.
For that little child born in a stall, was sent to us as The Lord of all.

Commercial winds made us drift, completely away from God’s Gift.
With all of the trim, it’s suggestive, that the season is quite festive.
You do hear both laughter and joy, but no mention of the baby boy.
Men took a blessed Holy Night, and filled it with a commercial light.

Although you hear much caroling, you hear no praises to our King.
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Poetry Hound 14 December 2005

Hey Bob, you know how when Paul was writing down the bible, all these scribes made a bunch of copies of it? And you know how all the copies were different from each other? And how copies of those copies were made, and THEY were all different, and on and on? And how over the centuries various people added their own little verses to various versions (like the “he who is without sin” thing was a pretty recent addition) ? And so there were like thousands of versions of the bible? Well, I think it’s pretty amazing that people take any particular version as THE bible. Maybe we should ask those TV preachers who regularly converse with Jesus to ask Jesus to submit a correctly edited version. But I don’t think he’ll comply. He probably gets a kick out of all the confusion and disagreement.

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