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Christmas Is A Pagan Holiday

I told Jesus when I was standing with candle in hand-
I don't feel comfortable to light this-
I know it is witchcraft.
I was in a church on Christmas and knew the score
candle lighting is idolatry which I did before.
I lit Catholic saint candle's in my living room
to break curses and end my pain and gloom.
But I did realize that the supernatural
works both ways-
Holy angels fight demons every single day.

Yes, when we put a Christmas tree in our house-
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Christmas Is A Pagan Holiday
Wednesday, March 27, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: love and life

IF your Saviour is Jesus then all other pagan things are NOTHING ti you, to us. I do not want to teach you, but write poems about your relationship with God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. Through Golgotha, God wants to restore the broken relationship. One who believes in Jesus, can have the correct relationship with Him. Please, read the Bible The New Testament. That is the period where we are now. God can give us insight with His Light.

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Remember Moses? God became angry when his folk (Moses´s folk, who came with him from Egypt) made golden calf and the more to please their gods. It´s no use to read all the pagan rituals IF you want to serve God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost. The Jews, the Islam are still in the Old Testament, but we are NOW in the New Testament After Jesus was born and crossed on Golghota. We pray to God with concentrating our thoughts to HIM Only. Amen.

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All things will turn in God´s favourites whenever WE PRAY TO GOD and thank Him for all the things we have got. We get His Blessings EVERY DAY, try to read the whole Bible and not just one text from the Old Testament. WE ALL PRAY TO GOD and never to the demons nor the evils. IF you believe that christmast is a pagan holiday, this is not correct. You believe in God, the Only Alnighty God and never in pagan rituals.IF you pray, then you´ll get the answer, sure.

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Gajanan Mishra 27 March 2019

Great write on worshipping the evils

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