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Christmas Present Exchange - Poem by Pamela lutwyche

Please get yourself comfortable and I shall begin.
Altogether there were ten fairies and ten pixies that lived in Stanley cave.
Last night was Christmas Eve and everyone went to bed early in the hope that Santa would come and leave them their presents, because they had all been very good all through the year.
The fairies and pixies woke up very early and found Santa had been and left the presents by their beds. He also had left a note with the presents. The note said.
These presents are not for you, these presents belong to the fairies and pixies that live in Matthew cave and they live in the next village. The fairies and pixies that live in that cave have your presents. You must go and exchange presents with them at 2 o’clock this afternoon. Don’t worry just stay where you are and wait. Well, this had not happened before. Santa had always given the right present to the right fairy or pixie right on time.
“WHAT IS GOING ON! ” exclaimed Pat the fairy, “we can’t open these presents, we have to wait. Oh dear me and how will we get to the next village in all this snow! ”
There were a lot of sad faces in the cave as you can well imagine! So, Teddy bears, boats, dolls and planes, which were last year’s Christmas Presents off Santa all came out again this year and they all played with those.
They all had their breakfast and continued to play. They were enjoying themselves so much that nobody thought about dinner at all. The same thing happened last year, they completely forgot about dinner. They were too interested by the presents they received from Santa. By the time they did eat their dinner, it was quite late and some of them fell to sleep while they were eating. Pat the fairy was asleep in her dinner and she was snoring her head off. Santa knew this had happened and he was determined it would not happen again this year. Santa wanted them to eat their dinner on time, so he thought of a plan for this Christmas day.
Pat was standing looking through the window, just staring into the sky watching the snow falling down. In the garden there was a snowman which had been built the day before by everyone in the cave. Pat gave the snowman a wave and he winked an eye back at her. In the distance she saw a red blur in the sky and it was coming towards her, as it got nearer she could see it was Santa’s sleigh and she could hear the sound of sleigh bells. Pat started to jump up and down with excitement.
She called to the others to come and look “Santa look it’s Santa' she shouted, “everybody quick, quickly come and look.” They all came flying in. They gathered around the window and watched as Santa landed right next to the snowman. The snowman had a carrot for his nose and one of Santa’s reindeer, Dancer, was looking at his nose with a hungry face. The snowman quickly told the reindeer that his carrot was only pretend and it was not for eating. “Never thought it was, ” said Dancer, “I was just admiring it, thinking what a delicious looking nose. I would like a nose like yours.”
“Well, you’re not having mine.” Replied the snowman
“Now, now, you two, ” Said Santa as he climbed out of his sleigh and headed towards Stanley cave up to his knees in snow. “No arguing, all you reindeers will get fed when we get to the Matthew cave in the next village.”
The door opened for Santa just as he was walking up the path and all the fairies and pixies were there just floating in mid air. They all had beaming faces. They were so pleased to see Santa. Santa had always been when they were asleep and not in the afternoon on Christmas day. “Now, listen to me, ” Santa stood in the doorway he continued. “ Put all your toys away nice and neat and go and put your warmest coats on, because we are all going to Matthew cave for our dinner and to exchange your Christmas presents.” The fairies and pixies were thrilled with the idea. “What a brilliant way to spend Christmas afternoon, Shouted Ant the pixie!
There was lots of dashing around. Toys being put away, cupboards opening, coats being taken out and laughter ringing out. The big grandfather clock chimed its chime and struck 1'oclock. Santa sat in a big chair waiting by the fireplace. He looked very cosy indeed. When everyone was ready they came and sat with Santa. All of them had put their coats on and each one had a bag with the present that Santa had left them for the Christmas present exchange.
“Are we all ready now? ” Asked Santa
“Yes we are, ” they all replied.
“Right, let’s go to my sleigh.”
The grandfather clock chimed on the quarter of the hour just as they were leaving.
They all made their way to Santa’s sleigh in the snow.
They looked so happy and they looked so tiny. It looked like the coats were flying by themselves. But of course they were not, there were little wings pocking out of the back of the coats fluttering.
The reindeers looked up when they saw Santa coming and shook the snow off their antlers and the sleigh bells rang. Santa climbed on the sleigh and brushed the snow away from the seat, he then opened a little compartment and took out a blanket and covered himself. On the seat next to him was a big glass jar, the jar had a door, Santa opened the jar and inside were little seats, where all the fairies and pixies sat for their journey to the next village. When the last one was safely in, Santa winked at the snowman jerked on the reins and they all took to the sky. It was down to the reindeer’s now, to do their job. These fairies and pixies needed their presents and the reindeer were determined to get there right on the dot of two o’clock. Nothing was going to stop them in their mission. The reindeer’s legs were running so fast though the sky they looked like a streak of lightning.
“Come on you guys.”Shouted Santa “run like the wind.”
They had been in the sky for 40 minutes. The reindeer could now see Matthew cave in the distance. So, they started to descend their flight. Santa said. “Hold on tight we are going to land.”
The reindeer were hungry and tired. Their legs were in the need of a rest. The thought of food was on their minds. They landed just outside the stable and the stable doors opened and in they all went.
Santa climbed down from the sleigh. He patted his reindeer and thanked them for the safe journey. There were a few elves waiting to feed the reindeer with their favourite food and to get them settled down. Santa opened the glass jar and everyone came out very excited. They stayed close to Santa as they went through the doors which lead into Matthew cave from the stable.
What a breathtaking sight that meet their eyes. A colossal table filled with so much food and right at the end of the table a giant Christmas tree with a star that shone its light over the table. The fire was crackling away. It was warm and cosy and the flames danced in time with music that was being played in the back ground.
The Matthew Grandfather clock chimed its chime and struck 2 'o’clock. The reindeer had done it! Their mission was a success 2 o’clock on the dot. Santa felt very horned to have such outstanding and hard working reindeer’ pulling his sleigh. I am very lucky he thought to himself.
Santa went to the head of the table and he took a knife and tapped a glass making a ringing sound. Everyone stopped and looked at him. “Here we all are what a beautiful sight I see before me, good company, good food and good presents too. We will exchange the presents after we have had our dinner. Please will you sit down at the table, you will be severed by my elves to this delicious food.”
Everyone sat down. They put their presents under their chair. There was tomato soup to start the meal, followed turkey with stuffing, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, sprouts, carrots, cabbage, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, sweet corn, and lashing of onion gravy. Yum, yum, fairies and pixies love lots of vegetables, because they knew this helps to keep them healthy. Pudding was just as good, lots of fruit salad there were apples, oranges, grapes, pears, apricots, pineapple, peaches, cherries and bananas and this was topped with custard or cream. There was fruit juice and pop to drink and there were crackers to pull. What a feast and what fun they all had. While everyone was eating their dinner in the dining room, the reindeer were having their dinner in the stable. They were being looked after very well by Santa’s elves. The reindeers settled down for an afternoon nap, so, they would be well rested to take the Stanley cave fairies and pixies home this evening.
After the meal Santa stood up. “I can see you all have enjoyed yourselves, a round of applause for my elves please, what a brilliant job they have done.”
Everyone was cheering and clapping. They sang, for they are jolly good fellows. “Now, will the fairies and pixies from Stanley cave please go and wait by the Christmas tree. On your present you will find a number. Matthew cave, there is a number also on your presents. Please exchange your presents from the other cave with the same number on the present. You can do this now, thank you.” Santa was smiling from ear to ear.
What a lot of noise there was,20 fairies and 20 pixies all trying to exchange presents. Santa was just watching finding it very amusing. Pat and the others were flying around they could not find the right number at all.
Santa stood up. “Stop” he exclaimed, “Stanley cave fairies and pixies come over to me and sit in a line on my right side, I’ve an idea! Matthew fairies and pixies please sit in a circle in front of me. Right, now, let’s see if we can work this out.”
Pat was the first in the line. She went up to Santa and he called out no 15 which she had on her present and the fairy from Matthew cave with that number came up and they exchanged their presents. This went on until all the present were exchanged.
They opened their presents and they were frilled with what they received from Santa.
Santa always seems to know what they all want!
“It is time now to start the games.” A voice over the loud speaker informed them all. “If you would like to take your place in the function room on your left we will play musical statues.”
What fun they were all having. Santa was the judge. He walked around and tried to make them laugh. The last one on the floor got the prize, a bag of sweets.
“We will now play musical chairs.” The voice said.
The time just flew by. The grandfather clock chimed its chimed and struck 8 o’clock
Santa called the Stanley fairies and pixies altogether. “My reindeers are waiting outside to take you home, please say your goodbyes.”
They all said this was the best Christmas ever and thanked everyone for their hospitality and Santa was just the tops and as they got into the sleigh and left the ground hands were waving until Matthew cave was out of sight.
Merry Christmas.

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