A Congregation Of Angels, Harmonizing With The Daffodils Poem by Pamela lutwyche

A Congregation Of Angels, Harmonizing With The Daffodils

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As I was walking through a wood, I came across a clearing, there on a hillside my eyes met a vision. There were thousands of golden daffodils. Each flower had an angel sitting by its side and they were softly blowing into the trumpet of the bloom. Their wings were fluttering with the sway of the breeze and they were wearing colourful delicate silks, which enhanced the different golden heads of the flowers. The gentle music caressed my ears.
I stood in wonderment listening to a sound I had never heard before. A congregation of angels harmonized with the trumpets of the daffodils.
I watched as one by one the angels slowly ascended towards heaven. The music slowly getting softer until the very last angel was left standing there. She looked at me and with a sparkle and a twinkle she was gone…

What beautiful flowers the daffodils are,
with trumpets for a heart.

The angels knew how to harmonize,
with those blooms,
Right from the very start.

They did not have to learn,
that was plain to see,
I am really glad I heard it all.
I am glad they played for me.

Kim Davies 20 March 2010

Beautiful. Wish I had heard it too.

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Ivor Hogg 12 January 2009

beautiful fantasy thankyou for sharing

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Emily Oldham 02 November 2008

beautiful and magical.............. love it....................................

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Dee Daffodil 10 October 2008

What a magical piece you have written. This is pure delight for one's soul...a real fun, upbeat poem! Hugs, dee

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Manonton Dalan 08 September 2008

daffodils a magnet to every eyes. it flows like river of love on the valley. thanks i love it.md

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