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Christopher Lane Murdered By A Black Teen Younger Than Travon - Poem by Luke Easter

President Obama said, “Trayvon Martin could have been me, ”

Barack, is it possible you could have been one of these three?

15,16, Chancey Allen Luna, James Francis Edwards,1st Degree,

Michael Dewayne Jones 17, he drove the car in which they’d flee.

Shooting death of Australian Baseball Player Christopher Lane,

Aspiring to play on the professional level to America he came,

But not the America the U.S. Tourism Department claims is safe,

Having fun teens shot him in the back, he turned blue in his face.

Where is the outrage, is it like the White teen beaten on the bus?

By three Black youth in Florida and why won’t the NCAA discuss?

Michele Obama who called Jason Collins when he came out Gay,

Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Stevie Wonder now look the other way.

Baseball Scholarship to East Central University on an afternoon run,

The Black teens were on the prowl as they decided to kill him for fun,

“He thinks it’s all a joke, ” According to police feels the Edwards boy,

Ha! Whereas in Oklahoma they’ll be tried as adults, too late for toys.

Prosecutor Jason Hicks called the boys 'thugs' as he described,

Christopher Lane,22, of Melbourne on the well-to-do north side,

Tree lined road in Duncan it wasn’t the teens grittier part of town,

“Hate Crime, ” targeted being White & not randomly gunned down?

Witness Joyce Smith saw Christopher fall in a ditch as she drove by,

Another witness said he made a noise and shortly thereafter he died,

James Edwards Sr. said his son was trying to forge an athletic career,

He had a strange way of showing it, is this why Zimmerman had fear?

One of the Blacks is quoted online as saying, “White People he hates, ”

Okay however, the getaway driver is Caucasian so where does he rate?

The focus should shift away from assailants who bring guns to school,

As the destruction only begins when weapons are in the hands of a fool.

These boys wanted to overcome a boring end to their summer vacation,

At 15,16 and 17 is this the limited extent of their educated imagination?

Innocent until proven GUIlty and I whole heartedly agree yet in my mind,

If convicted, 'Hoodlums' like these should never again see the Sun shine.

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