Smoking, Drinking & Drugs Poem by Luke Easter

Smoking, Drinking & Drugs

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So, you are smoking, drinking & doing drugs,
'That is right and I should not because'?
Our bodies are a Temple, to the Sanctuary of Christ,
They are only on loan due to His sacrifice.

One minute you are giving thanks & praising the Lord,
Then you’re filling your body with crap you can’t afford,
Well, I make enough money, who does it hurt?
Those funds would be better spent in the coffers of church.

Phillip Morris, Seagram’s, Ron Rico and the like,
Make billions of dollars from your lack of insight,
Private jets, yachts & mansions from our hard-earned bucks,
However, whom do you call when down on your luck?

Certainly not one of the corporations listed above,
Soon as you’re out of money they’ll show you no love,
Lying on your death bed in a cancer or liver fight,
Don’t expect them to pitch in and make everything right.

Heroin, crack, cocaine and crystal meth,
Is this what you call giving God your best?
Molson, Budweiser, Marlboro, Salem & all the rest,
Don’t look now but you are failing the test.

Most DUI drivers walk away from accidents,
Standing in front of a judge they swear to repent,
On the other hand this is not said of the victims lives,
Forever crippled, lying in comas, maybe needless die.

While the addict or drunk get to do it all over again,
Lives ripped apart are never afforded the chance to mend,
Robbing a convenience store for cartons of cigarettes,
Beating a clerk in the head hoping he or she forgets.

I went to a premiere movie looking to enjoy the show,
I noticed a guy staggering down the isle, kind of tipsy you know,
Sat next to me, his body & clothes smelling like booze & cigarettes,
I didn’t enjoy the flick cause for two hours I couldn’t hold my breath.

Then there are those who can’t pay the rent,
Between smokes, alcohol & drugs the paycheck is spent,
Or the people they’ve robbed and the house they broke in,
Enough money wasn’t obtained, the crime is committed again.

Instead of spending time in a bar tell me who would be hurt?
By going to bed early and getting up to attend a church,
Or losing all your money at a gambling table as dice you toss,
Ever hear of a City Mission, Salvation Army or the Red Cross?

I understand you’ve earned it and that’s how you relax,
Everyone is not as blessed so why not give some back?
Satan is on duty 24/7 we are under constant attack,
Show the devil he hasn’t won, help our Lord pick up the slack.

God did not create mankind to smoke, get drunk and be high,
These are mere tools or traits of the devil, here’s why,
You will loose your focus on being sincere, humble and meek,
It’s easier for Satan to control your mind when addicted & weak.

Women and children cheaply selling their bodies,
For drugs and more often than not needles they share,
It’s not my child waiting in the lounge of an AIDS Clinic,
Someone tell me why in the hell should I care?

You only hope that this is not the case,
There is a reason these problems have grown,
Don’t be a parent or sibling on the evening news,
Tears in your eyes, “if only I would have known.”

There are plenty of local and national programs,
Designed to assist and help further educate,
About the evils of smoking, drinking and drugs,
Please hurry before it is way too late.

06/07/06: Another incident from smoking cigarettes,
Lest anyone for some reason soon forgets,
Another fire, people are homeless & the loss of life,
All because someone just had to have a light.

07/16/06: This is really a very big surprise,
Had to read it three times; I couldn’t believe my eyes,
More and more women are beginning to smoke,
Is this really true or some kind of a bad joke?

Not those who carry little ones inside their womb,
That is supposed to be a healthy, clean and tidy room,
New birth is not to be treated like an unwanted stranger,
Or a cloud in the form of cancer induced anger.

My sister says it’s because the business world creates pressure,
Causing more women to look upon drinking & smoking as an answer,
Wouldn’t your name being on a liver transplant list create stress?
Or having a doctor tell you you’re dying of lung cancer?

How can anyone derive pleasure from making yourself ill?
Knowing there’s no easy cure from any kind of pill,
With all the negative effects known, then again,
Mom always taught me women are smarter than men.

Even the Surgeon General claims that second hand smoke,
Will cause the non-user to wince, wheeze, and choke,
We do not need any help to make death faster proceed,
Smoking, drinking and drugs is nowhere on our list of needs.

Finally, how about losing your job, friends, family and kids,
Locked up for years and maybe forever thanks to what you did,
Because you are so stoned out of your mind strung out on drugs,
Instead of family it’s now other inmates you’ll love, kiss and hug.

10/27/06: Here is something I was somewhat astonished to find,
More people are killed yearly in DUI accidents than all felonies combined,
One would be kind of amazed more people don’t stop and think,
Before getting behind the wheel high on drugs or having too much to drink.

In December a 36 year old in Cleveland was driving at a high rate of speed,
Lost control of his car at E.76 & Superior, losing both legs above his knees,
While lying in the hospital crying during a pity party and asking God why?
How about a combination of drinking mixed with drugs that made him high.

Those with one or all three of these problems like to laugh it off as a joke,
However, only magicians can make something disappear in a puff of smoke,
The evil one has no boundaries when aiming and releasing his fiery darts,
Smoking, drinking & drugs doesn’t just destroy lives it tears families apart.

I know a couple that made 20 grand a month plus perks over 300K a year,
With all of their free time being spent on marijuana parties & imported beer,
Now they have no jobs, the cars are gone, they’ve recently lost their home,
So she allows him to sell her body, unable to leave drugs and alcohol alone.

What is sad? That it can happen with anyone not just to the so-called stars,
For every 1 person going to church there will be 2 found hanging out in bars,
The main ingredient is still missing from all programs for changing a life,
A close personal relationship with our Lord and Savior who is Jesus Christ.

Amplified Bible, Matthew 7: 1, “Do not judge, condemn and criticize, ”
These are only a few examples to help us all understand and realize,
No matter what your stature or strength no one alive today is immune,
Just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it won’t happen soon.

No matter how magnificent the talent or stellar the gift,
Smoking, drinking and drugs can so easily dismiss,
It happened to the greatest, it will happen to the least,
The fall of the Roman Empire & the decline of Greece.

12/25/07 Who climbed fences at the San Francisco Zoo?
No really, drunk and stoned there were not one but two,
Taunting a tiger who jumped a mote and climbed a wall,
Onlookers were horrified as the animal killed and mauled.

10/05/09 Now in the upper part of North America the same,
Two yo-yo’s hoped fences and to the tigers cage they came,
Yeah, this Siberian was by no means the least bit impressed,
Petting the tiger it pulled him in mauling his arms and chest.

So, what’s the message given here about being drunk or high?
Only way to safety is flapping your arms & being able to fly,
2007-2009 and the many, many incidents in between or before,
People continue getting stoned and drunk yet not less but more.

Wow! 8/31/09 here’s a tidbit that almost made me choke,
A British gal won 3 million at 16 now at 22 she is broke,
1,875 mil left after taxes she spent at least 400k on coke,
A fool and his money are soon parted is definitely no joke.

Sad news to hear someone’s been murdered, shot during a robbery by thugs,
Well, why not the same reaction when killed by smoking, drinking or drugs?
It’s tragic when our lives are suddenly ended by violence of any kind for sure,
Okay so what do you call it when the choice beforehand happens to be yours?

Friday I see a slender figure cigarette in one hand stroller in the other,
01/15/2010, an investigation revealed (hold on) a 12 year-old mother,
Way too young to work & with this kid an excuse from being in school,
Oh but little mama can puff, puff, puff on her cancer stick, ain’t it cool?

Listen, no matter the race, creed, color, sex, country or who you are,
Even a most gifted athlete or the brightest shining entertainment star,
Preacher, teacher, parent, doctor, lawyer, butcher, baker, Indian chief,
Final result by indulging in Satan’s destructive trio? Nothing but Grief!

Chinedu Dike 12 August 2018

A witty poem on substance abuse well conceived and elegantly brought forth with clarity of thought and mind. A beautiful creation. Thanks for sharing Luke and do remain enriched.

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Christina Simmons 06 December 2016

Satan isn't a single entity: the human race, humanity is evil more so as we near a new era. They hide behind all sorts whilst they continue their satanic deeds. I'm saying A prayer for us all. Amen.

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Kim Barney 31 December 2014

Nice message. I agree with everything you said, but you said too much at once. Way too long, but I did manage to make it all the way through!

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