City High Flyer Poem by Sylvia Chidi

City High Flyer

I know a man who owns a diamond locker
Once he spent his days as a stockbroker
Today he works and sacks the average worker
While listening to the songs of famous rockers

'Yeah I am a city high flyer', he says
I waste so much money without causing a fire
'Yeah I am a city high flyer', he says
Worship, adore and respect me or you will expire

All around him are expired homeless walkers
Resenting him for being a high graceless talker
All his friends are just fake jealous stalkers
Envying his taste for fast cars and blonde knockers

This is the new evolutionary democratic wave
It is all about corporate bureaucratic slaves
Housed up in the skies most erratic office caves
They kiss ass hoping they are the ones he saves
Everyone makes their sinister moves in office raves

Are you one of those naive gullible suckers?
The city flyer is opening old wine with corkers
Do you own a fleet load of luxurious truckers?
Beware they are watching - those sadistic mockers

Yeah I am a city high flyer', he says
Soon we will all be taking holidays on virtual television
Getting inspirations by avoiding flying to any destination
'Yeah I am a city high flyer', he says
Evolution will affect even games like soccer
Everyone can masquerade as faithful flockers

'Yeah I am a city high flyer', he says
You can pursue whatever your heart desires!
'Yeah I am a city high flyer', he says
I am doing no wrong I simply hire and fire!

And you can be a Londoner or a famous New Yorker,
with dreams stored away in your mindless locker
The city high flyer will always be a cruel blocker
Watch out he is on a timeless clocker,
to deliver that awful famous corporate shocker!
So hang on to that wine, gin or tasteless vodka!

Copyright 2015 Sylvia Lovina Chidi

Thursday, October 1, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: comedy,man
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