Clash Of Cultures (Edited) Poem by John Fenton Mcleish

Clash Of Cultures (Edited)

The Aussies don't like aboriginals
They don't want them in their community
Say they're always drunk, causing trouble
Steal and fight, threaten their security

The white man does land in Australia
Expects everyone to be like he
Forces them to except Anglo culture
Like their people all must surely be

If you were lost in the bush, imagine
You had no liquid or food, almost dead
I can bet they wouldn't be so bad then
If they did feed you and to water led

Our way of life is unsustainable
In arid lands so inhospitable

The European is so arrogant
It's not abo's who destroy this country
Merge with the natural environment
When they're left by themselves to roam free

Bankers, politicians and the crown
Want to rob them of their lore, heritage
So much profit where gold and ore is found
Big money in cattle and pasturage

Just like the clearance o' Scottish lowlands
Driven out so the lords could make a buck
We've no right to judge this ancient man
Who because of greed, with bullets we struck

Leave them alone, let them lead their own lives
Just protect their Bairns so their race survives

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