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A web has been spun
around the world
wide as imagination
making possible what
before hand took years

Many other modes of
communication and
intercourse have fallen
almost by the way side
and flies come in droves
thirsting for much more

What spider lurks we
can only conceptualise
What dangers we
can scarce visualise

But what remains as
it was in antiquated
human conversation
is that in all this closeness
in each others' faces
we are trully still alone.

A web has been spun
around the world
wide, wild conflagration
forging herculeaic
the marriage of hearts
and souls and minds.

Ryan Thompson 26 July 2011

I like this, your imagination is far from stale. I appreciate when people use off beat words and phrases to get out what they want to say, I'm no judge for anything but my own opinion but in my opinion its a fine work of penmanship.

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~ Jon London ~ 09 April 2009

If all earths feeling flooded the lands, a sea of hearts would carry our hopes to each corner of the world, spreading the words of Peace, love and happiness. Its down to us to spread the love to gain what the world desires and deserves.10+ my friend

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