Closure Poem by Robert Uy


Rating: 3.0

Where once I could only taste
Sweet as sweetness should be,
Now there is only but
A sense of hostility
Towards me.
Perhaps you should but could not;
I say, “please, ” but you would not

Say goodbye.

Now you say it is not over
And that I should wait;
So I do so,
But is it in vain?
Like in slow motion,
Falling in mid-air,
Faster and faster;
Till the ground meets me
And my body shatters and breaks.

It’s been so long since I last saw you,
My heart is now cramping in ache;
But the ground has not yet met me,
So as you say so,
Here I lie and wait.

I miss you,
And shall keep missing you,
Till the time comes
When I will miss
Missing you.

Ruth Walters 27 November 2009

Emotional pain, such as you describe goes slowly and one day you wake up and the sun is shining again, the chocolate tastes divine again and you can start to live again, that's when you can say to yourself, 'I dont' miss her anymore, I don't even miss the missing of her, I feel good' Ruthie: o) does my nose look fat in that smiley?

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Anthony Spiros Mcgilvra 27 November 2009

powerfull................................plz comment on mine if you are bored :) i know its annoying when people ask that but i thought id give it a try

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