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I lost my first thought in the morning
I lost my prayer in the night
I lost the only joy of living
I lost the direction of my life

What you are to me,
What you mean,
If you could see you through my eyes,
Comprehension would come clear.

A treasure more precious
Than gems or gold,
And paid for by most
At any price,

The slow-falling sun shall soon kiss the sea,
Those two forlorn lovers to meet finally;
The sea blushes red from feeling the warmth
Emanating from within the sun’s hearth

Here I am
Stranded between this and your goodbye.


When does forever become an option?

Only when one can still find
Inspiration for living

Where once I could only taste
Sweet as sweetness should be,
Now there is only but
A sense of hostility

When Ego, with his narcisstic sense,
Wants to be held high in regard,
He uses brickstones of Self-confidence
To build himself a tall pedestal

Why do I torture myself with illusions
that she will be mine someday?
Though my wants are not always
what's right,

A stranger, somewhere, there exists,
Someone I can never be;
A thief who'd pilfer what I
Treasure most so easily.

A memory sat in the corner of my mind
And silently wept
For the moment it feared has arrived,
The dreaded moment when

Every one that has come
and gone in my life
are just passing acquaintances,

Crowd the room with alien thoughts,
Maybe young, maybe not;
Shapeless they may be
Or shaped a tad too differently.

Goodbye is just a word
Brought forth from the lips;
And though you may depart,
The memories we keep.

do you remember as a child
when you and your friends
find a simple spot
of grass as

When years have etched deep carvings on our faces
And December morns are kind to us no more
Then our joints and bones must have gone so brittle
That getting up from bed’s become a chore

There, in a place, where air is sparse,
Smoke is thick, and light is scarce,
Scattered colors that flash and shock
Lend but little visibility in the dark.

He comes to work in no such haste,
And wishes he’s some other place;
“Oh, I believe, ” he always say,
“I’m overworked and underpaid! ”

When I gave you my heart, my life,
I bet never
In your darkest fears
Or wildest worries did you ever


The gingery dawn of a blissful day
Highlights the silent beauty in an otherwise
dishevelled hair.
And those eyes, yes, those eyes,

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I Lost

I lost my first thought in the morning
I lost my prayer in the night
I lost the only joy of living
I lost the direction of my life
I lost what eased troubles of the day
I lost what gave weekends most pleasure
I lost what was constant in yesterdays
I lost what was to be the future
I lost confidence in my ways
I lost the swagger in my walk
I lost what parts all colors from gray
I lost whom I loved most

I lost you.

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