Brittany Alexis Murphy

Cloud 9 - Poem by Brittany Alexis Murphy

I will remove all of your limbs with tedious precision. Nothing's left, your worthless, why are you still breathing?
Keep running around in your barbwire embedded circle, that heart of gold beating lifelessly, look at what we made!
A beautiful lie meaning nothing but the horizon that was barely..nothing at all. It all decayed.
So I'm not gonna lie, I have that illusion kind of mind. I SWEAR to you though, those things are there.
Their real, you dont believe me, I don't even think you care.
Did you hear that? It spoke! look like your gonna choke.
Oh haha! Yeah, thats called Karma! I told it about you.
I was actually going to introduce you two.
Looks like it just couldn't wait. I hope it injects you with acid, I hope all your bones break.
I'm not harsh. I mean, I wasn't before. But now its eating at me, tearing at my core.
This feels so good, now that I'm in this state of mind. I'M OKAY. I feel just fine.
I can stay on cloud 9, forever, in my time.
The day is now mine. Are you crying? Suck it up, put your breath on the line.
... hear that in the background? Those are called memories. I think we had some of those,
at one time.
But uhm, yeah. You ruined it. STOP complaining about your life!
I don't care.
You know what? I never did!
Does that make it worse? Do you want to kill yourself now?
Go ahead. Do it.
Let the eclipsed sun take over your soul, because no one wants it anymore. Think of all the lies they told.
Were you clueless the whole time? Your stupid. I thought you were more.
I guess I thought I couldn't take you on, I thought you were the crack, I was the whore. (
It was just a disaster in the end. A hangover, a mistake, something that I thought my body will, would, and could not take.
But no, I'm on Cloud 9. Its just an aftertaste of what it might be like in Hell, in the afterlife.
But it's okay, I can just sit here and chill.
Besides, I'm already passing Melancholy Hill.
I'd like to stay here..for the rest of my time.
Living life minutes into hours, on Cloud 9.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 8, 2011

Poem Edited: Friday, December 9, 2011

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