Brittany Alexis Murphy

The Fragment Of Breath Between Inhaling And Exhaling - Poem by Brittany Alexis Murphy

Gather back the memories and the lies.
That poem, tearing of the mistaken eyes.
Happiness, her smile. And, your own.
Your questions, the reasons you wanted to be alone.
When you felt like you weren't good enough; you swore you'd be good someday.
When you hugged yourself and said, 'I'll be okay..'
The breaking of your heart, pity from others.
When people wanted to give help; you didn't want any, none other.
When humans were your life, you vowed you'd marry a cat.
When you promised her you'd leave, and never come back.
Medication used to be last resort, you could be happy naturally.
But, that was a lie.
You couldn't piece together 'natural' and 'happy'.
When he took your breath away, you clutched your chest.
He doesn't even know you cry for him, and isolate the rest.
Friends to acquaintances, it happened so fast.
You cried and wished you could go back to the past.
That emptiness, your hollow chest..'Am I alive? '
No, your not. Try your best to stay in line.
Grow up, and move on. That's all that could be done.
You screamed at the sky: 'I'm so sick of being young! '
Numb, hollow.
You became nothing.
Rambling randomly,
just to see if you could still start conversations.
Trying to make sure you could still talk in a proper motion.
His words, his smile. The way he talked.
His hugs, the butterflies that refused to be undone.
The butterfly affect that tainted your eyes.
Your voice, your oxygen. Suddenly, you feel alive.
People won't understand, will never know how your lungs work.
Those 3 minutes, in the mind they continue to lurk.
Laying in a road, thanking that man you all call 'God' for your life.
Your chest heaving slowly, that feeling, you feel so free.
Slowly let everything go, exhale, and be still..breathe.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 8, 2011

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