Brittany Alexis Murphy

Dear Honey, I'M Home - Poem by Brittany Alexis Murphy

After the whisper of the morning I sit up in bed.
I smooth down the white silk sheets, straighten the picture frame over head.
I recurl the ends of my hair, dab on rosy-cheeked blush.
Rub on red lipstick,
Slather on shimmer to make the color lush.
Sky blue eyeshadow, black liquid touch.
Black and white polka-dotted dress,
A pair of glossy black pumps.
The small TV blares, I sing a small song to myself.
I get the familiar duster out of the closet.
I start to run it along the counters.
I take the chicken out to cook, mashed potatoes too, and while they cook I read a book.
I daydream about the wedding, the day that changed my life.
All the mistakes in my past,
And then the day I promised to be a wife.
I water the flowers, I feed the birds.
Outside on the porch, on the small white swing.
That's your favorite place, sometimes we sit there together and dream.
Sweeping the porch, its almost dark.
I set the table with a grin.
The food had just been set out, when I heard you come through the door.
We say our hello's, kiss softly for just a moment in time.
The meal is delicious, sets the night nicely, taking out my pearl earrings, I turn and look at you, only slightly.
You look so perfect, laying on that mound of cotton.
My lipstick slides off, the blush ceasing.
After my face is pure, my clothes well right, I slide into bed beside you, preparing to take on the night.
You embrace me slowly, kissing my eyes.
You tell me you love me, creep your way inside.
Sleep comes soundly, soon morning seeps through the blinds.

After the whisper of morning, I sit up in bed.
I smooth down the white silk sheets, straighten the picture frame over head.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 8, 2011

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