Dan Lundahl

Cold - Poem by Dan Lundahl

Today, I felt the weirdest breeze,
It brought not warmth, but a cold freeze,
The scent, was of all that I longed,
And by this wind, I was thronged.

I saw her eyes, a quick glance of her teeth,
I saw not clothes, but what was beneath,
Shivering has gotten to my conscience now,
Do I, or do I not, want to board my safety-scow.

My hair has frozen in place,
Catching more observations of her face,
Her nose is small, and it is petite,
And the chin of hers, it's cute and neat.

My breathing can be seen, in the air as fog,
Feeling adrenaline, like the shot of a nog,
My lips are frozen together, tightly sealed,
And at that moment, all of her body, was revealed.

I see her.. I see it all..
But my vision fails me, snowflakes fall..

That night, a man was frozen to death,
Along his side, was a woman named Beth,
It was beyond the point of freezing temperature,
No footsteps, they weren't seeking warmth as cure.

No clothes, were worn by the two people,
Only body limps, showing expressions of being feeble,
Yet their eyes had a spark of vivid life,
That spark, only seen within a young person's strife.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, March 18, 2013

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