Comedy Of Horror Poem by derrick foster

Comedy Of Horror

What makes horror laugh?
What scares the life out of comedy?
Blood curdling amusement

Where is the funny in scary?
Where is the fright in laughter?
Gut busting terrors

Maybe they are inter-changeable
Perhaps they straddle the same line
On similar plains

How many examples can astonish and amuse simultaneously
Is there a balance of expectation for fear to get carried away?
Can humor encompass crazy creepy and warm fuzzy chillingly

If the beast slips on a banana peel,
Do we laugh from fright, pleasure or just run away
It might get back up

Can a gag be hilariously terrifying?
Is there fun in a horrifying shriek?
Or giggling until breathless

A cobweb across the face is harrowing and funny
Seen from the other side
Comedy can be dark and thrilling or light and bursty
Depending on the Seeing Eye
Jokes are funny as hell or frighteningly drab
I laughed until I died

Haunted houses scare until we pee our pants
Ha. Ha. Ha.
Pratfalls are penultimate of comedy
And oh so frightening
Sinister shadows create terror that makes us laugh
Till we're tickled pink

Satire is presented cryptically for a chuckle
The violence of slapstick makes us scream
Deadpan as a matter of fact can be quite dry and witty

Whether we're laughing, crying, curled in a corner
Or leaping high from an unknown tap on the shoulder,
The effects and results of comic horrors
Are a scream

Monday, November 3, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: nonsense
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