Edgar Rendon Eslit

Rookie - 117 Points (August 21,1981 / Iligan City)

Complacent Neurotic Delirium - Poem by Edgar Rendon Eslit

The morning dews were silently dripping
Signaling a gleeful sunrise that was appearing
Solemnly, before that long and dreaded morning
In the presence of the chipmunks that were rather idling
The unicorn laid to rest near the bank so encompassing

Such mystical vision in dream
Like mist, it kept on coming
It was rather destructing somehow
For it gave no end
While there was crying

One day, after waking up,
there was a bundle of sticks on the ground.
The prairies turned lofty blue
The music was put to halt
It was 5 o’clock, and, again, the dream went on

While the cooling wind swayed the leaves
There was that warm ambiance in the ICU but chilling
When the nurse injected the last vial
Everything turned to normal
A closed eyes were seen but perching like a kaleidoscope’s on

Confused but wholly aware
Of what’s going on around.
Convulsed and in dim passion
Regaling the drowsing company of the unknown
And prayers are badly versed in congestion

“Heart rate fluctuating”
“Apply CPR”
“Get ready with the oxygen”
“Clear the room! ”
Commotion followed

A week and two days came to an end
The Angels sung in soft melancholic melody
There was light, a bright light
Flashing a neon color in an open door
But the fist was clinching reversing the open door

‘twas, as if, eternity
such with the passing of time
And it’s getting cold back inside the room
There were voices that turned to a cheering noise
Moaning was heard again

He got the strength
Lucky to have surpassed the ordeal
That, the doctor recalled
The eyelids were slowly opening
Welcome back! , were the words as if done in choral reading

That was a momentum,
A silence of disbelief when
the senses were back and the thoughts were reckoning.
Everyone’s rejoicing
Seemed the Angels were heard in a choral mode again

Yes, good to be back
Who would have thought that he could make it again.
Was it luck?
After that car accident, he recalled, the lord gave his life back!
An experience that made a compelling vision within that Complacent Neurotic Delirium

In an instance,
that passage to a near death experience
crept deep within my bones
it came to mind, not in delirium, but in total disposition
my co-equally tragic experience before

How could I forget?
Two of my friends died in a car racing
The other one was in drug overdose
And a convicted felon who hanged himself to death
They all talked to me, showing dirty fingers, in my delirium

There’s so much despising on god for one reason or another
There’s a bigger dispute about his existence
Both in the heart and mind together
Questions, questions and questions full of doubts
That made the vacuum of answers way back then

Those Daffodils, Daisies, and Dandelions though
Seen beautifully thriving beside the scenic hills.
While the sparrows, in pairs, were happily chirping;
Why were they so beautifully enticing in a dream?
Well, on my way home, it insinuated a prodding smile

Good to realize as well
that there are solid reasons why I need to live.
There’s a challenging future out there.
And, there, it had given me a lesson to ponder:
I’m not ready to see god in heaven or my friends in hell!

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