Edgar Rendon Eslit Poems

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Just By A Toad

Cephalous Thaddeus thugs the thrombin near the toad
Thundering thunderous voices throb so broad
But when he finally realizes the thrill he thralls
Cephalous Thaddeus touted the toad like unlading troll

Sa Pagsubang

Daw gilimot, nawala, ug nahikalimtan mo na sa dayon
Ang himno ug awit sa atong damgo nga gi hiklib ko karon
Kay ang mga tipasi sa kagahapon daw kini haghagonon
Nga nagahaploy sa akong kalawasan tim-os nga handomon

Best Teachers

In the presence of my gifted teachers
our classroom becomes a delightful place
In the hands of my gifted teachers
There is laughter in every student's lips

Hug And Kisses For You My Love

Moonless and sleepless nights I prayed for you, oh Love
The Almighty God touched my soul from heaven above
I tossed and turned all night for am dreaming of you
I love thee with the passion of care so true

Genesis To Genocide

In the beginning there was only God
The earth was without form and void
And God said
“Let there be light”

Give Me Shelter And I Give You A Garden Of Roses

“Give me shelter and I give you a garden of roses”

Kini ang panaad sa usa ka olitawo ngadto sa usa ka inosenting dalaga samtang sila hinayhinay nga nagbaklay padulong sa kapilya usa ka higayon niadtong kaadlawon sa Decembre uno, dos mill singko (2005) .

Tears In Silent Words

She was turning back
The sigh is so deep
And the silence is deafening.
While she's leaving home,

Lamentation Sendong

Ngano man?
Asa man?
Kinsa man?
Unsa man?

Naked Truth

So, you call me friend
Only to be taken for granted
We shared good memories
Only to be wasted

Manny Pacquiao, Manny Pacquiao

He fights for his country and the Filipino people
That’s Manny Pacquiao

A featherweight, Bantamweight, and Flyweight champion