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Just By A Toad

Cephalous Thaddeus thugs the thrombin near the toad
Thundering thunderous voices throb so broad
But when he finally realizes the thrill he thralls
Cephalous Thaddeus touted the toad like unlading troll

Verily, verily and verily as merry as me so verily
Heard Cephalous Thaddeus relying the airing words to me
Since merrily and verily were spoken so horridly
Cephalous Thaddeus was unlikely misunderstood like me

Now everything and everyone dint ever understand
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Gemmaila Rendon 17 January 2010

hello.. :) thundering thunderous.. tongue twister..nice Gemmaila E. Rendon here.. :))

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Orville Cloma 17 January 2010

gud Eve.! orville cloma jr here just passing by..=)

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Katrina Mae Battad 17 January 2010

visited the site: Katrina Mae L. Battad :)

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Pinky Balbadores 18 January 2010

ohayo gazaimasu sensee Edgar, , , just vct ur site sir, , nice one pinky balbadores here...

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Mary Noreen Khu 17 January 2010

sir, i liked ur poem. however, the terms that you used is hard to understand.. pero...sabot ko lyt sa imo poem..heheheh! ! nice one!

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My tongue has just slit...

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Ging Taping 10 September 2014

I went there last 2006....and stayed in dakak

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Rhod Vincent Adalid 19 January 2010

visited the site: Rhod Vincent L. Adalid

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Floriemae Sismar 18 January 2010

nice poem sir =) it could really help us in exercising out tongue =) this is FLORIEMAE SISMAR actually, i just visited this site last tuesday, January 15,2010.. but i think my comment on that day did not appear so i visit it again this night to have an approval, January 18,2010 TF 9: 00- 10: 30 am

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Alphimie Manacap 18 January 2010

visited the site: manacap, alphimie E. January 18,2010

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