Concerning Our Weary Limbs Poem by Walt Ostrander

Concerning Our Weary Limbs

Rating: 5.0

Concerning Our Weary Limbs

You are invulnerable as I stare intently upwards;
Wishing (more than what is warmth or shade) to conquer you.

Determined to discover your cleverly hidden beginning;
And whispers “To find one should be amazing enough.”

You and I have begun our marvelous intricate scales and descents.
(There is no longer a Below, you are made of thousands of patterns of

Which I must make my own; and I will not ascend you – wonderfully Anew, I know with the wrong or the simple.)

You are, I imagine, growing tired. You will nonetheless support our
Symbiotic journey; for I too, am weary. You were complex.

You are growing clear. What was new and wonderfully strange
Is, at the moment, beautifully familiar.
(And I am smiling, to find what you are like.)


You have descended me.
And I have beautifully conquered you.
It ended such in a chorus that has transcended
Everything. The entirety of you, has shown me
(As I found what you were like) fewer and fewer
Things to be concerned, until I reached our end.

And look.
(I can see my house beneath your limbs.)

Georg Hersch 20 January 2008

Another favourite from a very talented writer. Beautiful, reminiscent of all those moments of first love that were ineffable. Beautiful naturalistic symbol of climbing a tree as well.

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kskdnj sajn 15 January 2006

This was beautiful Walt. A very talented writer...and enjoyed the play with mystery that took place. Leaves me wondering...and filled with thought. Thank you Angie

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