Concert In The Park

Rating: 5.0

Mid-summer music down in the park
Mid-summer magic when it gets dark.
The maestro raises his magical wand,
And the music begins in the park near the pond.

The audience sitting in chairs brought from home,
Are suddenly silenced by the musical tone.
It explodes in the night with such beauty and force
That it captures the hearts of all on the course.

The concert plays on under the stars,
Instruments in tune, including guitars.
In united harmony the musicians delight
And captivate all on this magical night.

They listen enchanted, as the symphony pervades
And permeates the air in the grassy glades.
Floating on its essence of melodious sounds
It envelops, encircles, and then it rebounds.

Each one in their own deep reverie,
Feels the magic of music uplifting and free.
While their memories return to a time they forgot,
The music transports them to their Camelot.

Nothing enraptures or captures the spell,
Like this magical moment down in the dell.
The surging and urging as the melody pounds,
Echoes throughout and covers the grounds.

There is nothing more lovely than what we now hear
This gift of a concert which comes every year.
In the park near the pond where we sit happily,
While mid-summer music is played magically.

Jimmy Wrangler 20 August 2006

I thought that this summed up the experience perfectly.Being both an avid spectator and player I can relate. Bravo! !

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