Conned Poem by terence nabbs


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If you want a new career,
A politician
Now that’s the game.
You can get yourself some money
And make yourself a name.
You wouldn’t have to answer questions,
So you would never have to lie.
About sending all our young men to Afghanistan to die.
About fiddling your expenses pretending your hard up
wallowing in self importance from an overflowing cup.
Come along vote for me, yes, I’ll be your saviour,
I’ll put into place new reforms and moderate our behaviour.
We’ll think of you in human terms not ticks upon a slip,
I’ll be your representative not just a lucky dip.
Lets talk about the credit crunch and where all the money went,
Not on the poor and needy who have to pay it back,
It’s the downtrodden in society who’ll have to put us in the black.
Politicians live in a different world,
What’s the real world all about.
Honourable gentlemen that’s what I am’
I don’t need your permission
Because you pillocks elected me.
I’m now a,

“One who employs politics for his own ends”

John Mcmanus 02 November 2009

How true your words are Terry, I wish more people would remember that democracy IS the rule of the people for the people, which is not what's going on in today's british politics.

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